Partnership strategy

We’re partnering with the University of Stellenbosch Business School – Executive Development and Quaygroup to offer online and part-time certificate courses for working professionals across Africa.

Course Strategy

We will work side by side with USB-ED’s faculty to formulate an online course offering that will fulfil USB-ED’s mandate to upskill managers throughout Africa. 

Sales and Marketing strategy

Our goal, in partnership with the university, is to rollout courses that will teach aspiring and current managers skills that can be applied immediately to the workplace. 

Data analysis and BI strategy

There’ll be investment made into  a data warehouse along with a team of analysts to ensure that decisions made are data-driven. 


We are always seeking out top talent across Sales, Marketing & Digital to join our dynamic team and be part of bringing education to professionals across Africa.


A full-time development team will be hired to make it easier for us to communicate with customers and give them the best service possible from the information they receive to the ease to purchase courses they may be interested in.

Training and Development

Not only will staff have an opportunity to study online courses with the university, MasterStart will invest in a specialist training and development staff to ensure that staff are kept up to date with latest technologies and techniques.

Customer facing technical and academic support

Together with the university, a full support team will be implemented to support students on the courses and to ensure a consistent level of quality is maintained.