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Asking your company to pay for your course

Whether you are thinking about doing a course, browsing or finding your dream one, we know that oftentimes, finances can get in the way of making those dreams a reality. 

Here at MasterStart, our goal is to connect learners to relevant and practical coursework that is both beneficial to you, your employer and your industry. Our carefully curated courses are easy to follow and offer a well-executed and practical methodology that is manageable while working full time. Are you ready to take the next step? Here is our “how to ask” action plan when asking your company to pay for your course.

Do your research and be prepared

While you have been doing your homework when researching a course, be ready to answer a few intricate questions on it too. By equipping yourself with the necessary information that will help you answer any questions that your employer may have, being prepared will give you the confidence and know-how to answer any questions your boss or HR department may have. This is a chance to show your employer that you have really thought about and are ready to enrol in your chosen course, thus easing any concerns that your employer may have previously had.

Questions to prepare for:

  • Why do you want to do this specific course?
  • What are the benefits of this course?
  • Will this impact your day-to-day work responsibilities and focus?
  • What is the duration of the course?
  • What are the costs involved with the course?
  • How will this course make an impact on your role/company?

Detail the benefits

We may be a bit biased, but we firmly believe that education is an investment – one of investing in people, skills and equipping businesses with industry-relevant and competitive skills to take with them forward. By breaking down into detail how this course will be an asset to your company, you have the opportunity to understand how you plan on implementing the knowledge that you acquire into your everyday role and how you will use it to its fullest potential as you take the journey of online education.

When choosing any of our courses and subject material with MasterStart affiliated universities, it is important to know that you are taking a phenomenal world-class course, led by industry heavyweights in a supportive and structured online learning environment.

Examples of benefits:

  • Industry relevance – gaining insights and gathering information as to trends and practices by others, you will have a competitive edge to devising new strategies, improving processes and creating a better understanding of the industry you are in.
  • Skills acquisition – fast track your skills, from leadership to planning, our courses have a clear outline of what to expect and what you can gain when taking our online courses.
  • Career development – whether you are in the pipeline to be a manager or move to a new level, career growth and development can aid your company in increasing employee loyalty, retention and having the necessary skills in-house to reach the businesses goals.

Getting to the big question

This is often the most daunting part, it’s time to ask. Once you have sufficiently prepared and readied yourself for this moment, set up a comfortable time for you to speak to your boss. If possible, check their calendar availability, ask for a convenient time and take a few minutes beforehand to steady yourself with your pitch and proposal.

It is important to reiterate that even though you are dedicated to your potential new course, you are still and will remain committed to completing your everyday duties and responsibilities throughout the duration of your coursework. We recommend highlighting that you have mapped out your time management, with an emphasis on the effort and research that you have conducted to make sure that your chosen course is aligned with your company’s goals and future roadmap.

As your conversation progresses, there may be the opportunity to share and verbalise that you are committed to progress reports, weekly check-ins or sharing your feedback and learnings with your fellow team members.

Be prepared for a plan B

Sometimes companies may not be in a position to financially support your course, and while this is disheartening and disappointing, when preparing your pitch to your boss, consider what you would do if the answer would be no. Create alternative scenarios where you can negotiate, temporarily take a pay reduction, pay back the money to your company and in the best case, question if they are in a space to contribute and collaborate with you towards your fees to ease the costs on both sides. This is also important when doing your research as to possible payment plans and ways to get your course covered in instalments.

Prepare yourself for the timing of your request, sometimes in the yearly cycle, your company closing the financial year and may need to delay your studies by a few months. It is important to be ready to ask the questions of what can be afforded at the current time to get you enrolled and started as soon as possible.

It is important to demonstrate your loyalty, consideration and very importantly, your initiative when asking your employer to pay for your studies.

Why choose MasterStart? 

Our ethos and method are to align ourselves with Africa’s leading providers of executive and business education, with world-class coursework in a unique and personal online learning environment. Our dedicated enrolment team are equipped to answer all of your programme related questions as you prepare yourself for asking your company to pay for your course. Get in touch with us today

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Tackling South Africa’s Youth Unemployment Crisis With Online Learning

The recent Quarterly Labour Force Survey made for sobering reading for those concerned with youth unemployment in South Africa. Levels of joblessness have reached record levels with three in every four South African youths out of work. While other areas of the economy are thriving, it put into sharp focus the challenges still faced by young people despite the progress made since the 1976 protests tackling unfair and unequal access to education. Educating our youth equips and guides them to reach their potentials and develop our communities and country.

Making up a whopping 40% of South Africa’s population, young people have been considered the most disadvantaged group when compared to other age categories when it comes to viable employment options, skills development and access to quality education.

With the recent publication of the alarming statistics on the Youth Employment rate, we need to consistently take action and empower young people to rise above these challenges and find sustainable solutions to improve socioeconomic conditions. So how do we do this with online learning as a solution?

75% unemployment rate

Skills Development

Skills development is a vital tool to empower and uplift all people in society. Developing and honing skills can lead to new and better opportunities, establish a solid foundation for our youth to expand their capabilities, encourage higher levels of competency and equip teens and young adults to be sufficiently prepared to manage home, work, school and other responsibilities. 

Preparing young people to be future-ready employees and leaders better provides the foundation to positively influence economic growth, break down poverty cycles and establish long term successful life plans.


A distinct divide in South Africa is ensuring that children and families from rural areas have access to high-quality and relevant education and information. This is where we need to focus and highlight the importance of being able to learn in a supportive and efficient format from wherever you are. As an online learning platform, we are consistently working to make our programmes more accessible through better mobile usability and reducing data requirements, while providing industry-leading programmes designed to equip our learners with the skills and tools to thrive in a career. At the heart of MasterStart, we are focused on offering flexible online learning, practical and supportive information and knowledge-gaining opportunities.

Online Learning Resources

Being passionate about developing our learners, online learning makes space for a wide range of accessible and cost-effective course material that needs fewer resources to conduct. From anywhere in the world, with a stable internet connection, learners can partake and engage with industry experts and world-class instructors, where they may have never had the opportunity in rural or hard to reach areas. Set to be flexible and offer a balance between work/learning or home/learning, MasterStart students develop new skills and learn from course faculty and their peers in a safe and collaborative environment.

Support & Empower

Collaborating and partnering with Africa’s leading providers of executive and business education, the MasterStart Mandate is to offer a humanised approach to digital learning. Our uniquely supportive approach and methodology is to go beyond skills development and holistically form a link between learners, course content, faculty leaders and the acquisition of tangible tools that serve our students for many years ahead. Supporting our South African youth and young learners, we are focused on uplifting, developing and empowering learners to be future-forward leaders.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

While massive progress has been made in our education system since the Youth protests of June 16 1976, there is much more work that can be done to reduce inequality and provide accessible education. This is where we call upon YOU to make a lasting difference and actively change the lives of fellow South Africans. In the spirit of Ubuntu, we need your help with sponsoring places on a career-focused MasterStart programme to reduce and improve the current missing skills and development that many of our younger generations are facing. 

By providing a space that participants can thrive, grow and evolve in, we can make a massive difference, together. 

Find out more about sponsoring a skills development programme with MasterStart – https://masterstart.com/youth-day/