How to Create a Sustainable Learning Culture in the Workplace

sustainable learning culture in South Africa

Upskilling and continuous learning are the new buzzwords in business, but it goes beyond the odd course or workshop. Experts are urging leaders to start developing a sustainable learning culture in the workplace to ensure that companies remain competitive and to channel opportunities for growth, development and innovation towards employees. We look closely at the […]

FinTech: A Booming Industry in Africa

fintech in Africa

Of 5,200 tech startups created across Africa between 2020 and 2021, almost half are in financial technology, aka FinTech. And although cash is still king across the continent – accounting for around 90% of transactions – and 57% of the population in Africa is unbanked, local and international investors and venture capitalists (VCS) are taking […]

The Banking Risk Landscape

The risk landscape for banks is changing rapidly, with Internal and external risks on the rise. All the while, stakeholders such as customers, regulators, legislators, shareholders, and the broader community expect banks to be free of mistakes, if these are made, a lot of negative noise follows, impacting the bank’s image. The world is changing, […]

In Demand Business and Systems Analysis Skills within the Banking Sector

Business and Systems Analysis skills

In today’s environment, businesses that fail to leverage technology and adapt to changing conditions are increasingly less likely to reach their objectives. This is none more prevalent in the South African banking industry which among others is facing national energy constraints, increasing inflation, new hybrid ways of working challenges, an increasing threat of money laundering […]

How to Ask your Company to Pay for your Skills Development

Imagine you found a perfect professional development short course that’s not only interesting and challenging but is highly relevant to your aspirational or current role. But then you click through to check out only to find it’s more than you can afford to pay on your own. Well, what if the company you work for […]