It’s Never Too Late To Study

What would you do if you had the chance to do things differently?  It’s a question that most of us have either asked other people or asked ourselves. For people who feel stuck in their career choices, this question runs through their head often. It’s a wonderful daydream to have until it’s back to reality.  […]

5 Ways to Revive Your Career

career tips

Maybe you’ve followed the traditional path to get your career started: studied, graduated, and landed a job in the field. You’ve hustled for years; getting promoted and working your way through the ranks. However, you feel ‘stuck’. Suddenly, nothing is exciting about your 9-5. Now, you’re wondering if this is the journey you’re meant to […]

Gaining Mentors and Becoming One

Becoming a mentor

Believe it or not, you might have had a mentor from the moment you were born. They came in the form of mothers, fathers, grandparents, or whoever raised you while growing up. These mentors probably helped guide you through your schooling era. However, once you enter the workforce, you’ll need a different type of mentorship. […]

5 Phenomenal African Women in Leadership Roles

phenomenal women in africa

“… the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.” – Oprah Winfrey This year, we’ve seen an increase of female leadership in business, with […]

Leadership Skills Every Business Owner Should Have

Establishing a business takes tenacity, creativity, and determination. When it comes to leading a company, you need a different set of characteristics to ensure a prosperous and healthy working environment.  Without effective leadership, all other aspects of the business will deteriorate. A strong business leader will make sure that productivity is maximised and that the […]

Lessons every entrepreneur can learn from Madiba

This month, we celebrate the greatness that is Nelson Mandela. As we fast approach Nelson Mandela Day (18 July), reflecting on his messages of hope and perseverance is inspiring and can be applied everywhere – especially entrepreneurship.  Nelson Mandela’s name will always be held high among the list of effective global leadership. Here’s how his […]

How diversity makes teams more innovative

Diversity in the workplace

Creating something new whether it be a new idea or concept is by definition creativity. Innovation is using this creativity to change or enhance processes, people, teams or organizations. Innovation and Creativity Most businesses these days are all going through or facing change. An ever-changing global marketplace is a driving force behind these changes. With […]

How to instil Customer Loyalty

Customers are the lifeline of your business which is why when it comes to elevating your brand, customer service should be a priority. Simply put, loyal customers are profitable. Repeat customers mean repeat purchases and in some cases, increased purchases. This is why it’s often said that it’s more expensive to acquire a new customer […]

The Importance of Customer Service

Why is customer service important?

Imagine this: you walk into a store looking for a pair of birthday sneakers for your nephew. It’s sneakers you know he’d love and bonus, it’s half price! You’re searching for his size but can’t find it. Perhaps the staff will know but the only problem is, you can’t find a single employee on the […]