Supercharge your Marketing skills with Belinda Wagner

Belinda Wagner has earned an MBA and no less than six distinctions from Bond University, an International Marketing Management Certification (IMM) from the Global School of Business.

She also boasts more than fifteen years of experience as an accomplished marketing professional.

Belinda is currently completing her doctorate in marketing with a specific focus on the role of marketing in the formal retail sector.

In addition to her impressive academic achievements, Belinda has more than a decade’s worth of corporate experience as the Business Strategy Manager at Dimension Data.

As a mother of two daughters, coupled with having invaluable experience as a life coach, Belinda has a thorough set of skills in personal guidance as well as marketing; making her an expert course facilitator in Marketing Management.

What is Marketing Management?

As Belinda says, marketing is so important as it touches on all aspects of the business; from internal marketing such as human resources to external marketing such advertising. Marketing has a broad spectrum and it works hand-in-hand with other departments, such as finance and manufacturing.

What is the marketing mix?

The marketing mix is crucial for any marketing manager to understand as it focuses on finding a new way to serve a product or service. Generally, the marketing mix is made up of the 4Ps approach:


The product that a business offers could either be a product or a service. If a company can offer a unique  solution to a particular problem or issue, then they have a sound product which is more likely to sell than a product range which already exists. It’s also important to identify your target market so that the product can be manufactured to suit their needs and ideals.


The price refers to the exact amount that the customer is going to pay for a product or service. It’s important to note that the cheapest product is not necessarily the one that customers will buy. This is because of perceived value that the price indicates; if it’s expensive, customers might value it as good quality simply because of its price. If the price is too high or too low, it’s unlikely that the product will sell well. As a result, understanding how much your target market is willing to pay is crucial to the pricing of a product.


When you think of marketing, you might think of the advertising industry. However, advertisement only makes up one component of product sales. Promotion covers all strategies and techniques in marketing, such as sales promotions, competitions and special offers. In order for the promotion of a product to be successful, the right channels of communication should be used, catering correctly for the target market.


Location, location, location. The placement of a product can make or break a sale. Think of the isle you see in a shop right next to the tillers; it’s usually chocolate or sweet treats. This is so that a customer might put one in their trolley at the end of their shopping out of impulse.

The place can also refer to where an advertisement might be located. This must be carefully considered in order to promote the product in the right place to the right customers.

Marketing Management short course

Through our 10-week long Marketing Management: Principles and Practices short course, Belinda will work through the fundamentals of marketing, focused on strategy, branding and the marketing mix.

The course is ideal for marketing specialists who want to stay updated with modern marketing management action plans, as well as experienced marketing managers looking to move into a new and different role.

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