2020 Mid-Year Reflection: A Look Back on a Crazy Rollercoaster Ride

Becky Leighton

Posted: June 7, 2020

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The South African national lockdown was announced nearly three months ago. Very few individuals could have predicted 2020 to go the way it has so far. And those who did would have been labelled as crazy.

So far, this year has faced raging fires in Australia, members of the royal family renouncing their duties, a United States impeachment trial, the United Kingdom officially leaving the European Union, the declaration of the Rand as junk, and a global pandemic locking down almost the entire world.

That all happened within the first 100 days of the year.

Needless to say, 2020 will be featured in the history syllabus as a year that rocked the world.

What Good has Come from 2020 So Far?

While it may be difficult to find positives in mostly negative circumstances, it is important to note the silver-lined goodness that the year has offered so far. Beyond the massively popular and inarguably bizarre Netflix series about Joe Exotic, there have been several things the world has enjoyed this year.

The second person in the world who has been cured of HIV

As a result of a stem cell treatment in the United Kingdom, London resident Adam Castillejo has been successfully cured of the human immuno-virus. While the treatment is high-risk and subsequently not available for wide offering to patients, the success does mark a massively positive step towards a future cure for the disease.

Environmental benefits from people staying at home

As people stay home, both the individuals and the planet stay safe. Quarantining, remote work, and less mobility across the globe has meant that Earth has had a chance to catch its breath. With fewer carbon footprints making their mark on the planet, there have been fewer harmful gas emissions, reduced coal use, and better air quality recordings. 

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The acceleration of technology in everyday life

As businesses have adapted to remote work, the powerhouse that is technological development has had a massive spotlight shone on it. With such a strong call to take advantage of the internet, volumes of eCommerce sales have increased, shares for decentralised services (such as Zoom) have shot up, and the focus has shifted to online resources. This is an undeniably crucial move with considerable perks. 

Remote work, for example, has numerous benefits ranging from increased employee productivity to lower costs without overheads and rental space. Moreover, employees have better opportunities now to upskill without having to worry about the time and cost of commuting. Online learning has seen a massive increase in popularity, as people are driven to train and improve their skills in different industries. This uptick offers insight into how valuable online learning is. 

Whether for your career or for a productive way to maintain sanity, consider taking a Digital Programme and put a positive pin on the year 2020 in your own personal history notes.

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