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The five main areas of Human Resources

Without the employees, an organisation wouldn’t be able to operate. A staff force is necessary to handle product development, content creation, service management, customer support, marketing, finance, administration, logistics and anything you might be able to name. Because of how important the employees are in an organisation, the team behind looking after the employees is just as crucial to get right. Having the right Human Resources and HR management can help bring out the best in a team and scale and grow an organisation effectively.

HR management has different areas to operate within and work in to ensure the right staff is hired, the current staff members are looked after, supported, and the wrong behaviour is appropriately responded to. 

The five main areas of HR management are:

Hiring, recruitment and onboarding

This is arguably the most important area in Human Resource Management. Hiring the right staff to fit the company beyond just the job description is crucial for company culture and the overall wellbeing of the team’s atmosphere. With a good team working well together, systems tend to run more smoothly, productivity lives at peak performance and people operate beyond their duties. To recruit effectively and ensure the right candidates are hired, the HR team must:

  • Understand the company culture and values of the organisation;
  • Align the job specifications with the needs of the department;
  • Advertise job openings and schedule interviews with suitable candidates;
  • Perform background checks and reviews for the selected candidates;
  • Send letters of confirmation to selected candidates and issue rejection letter to unsuccessful applications;
  • Ensure the onboarding process is conducted with the relevant departments for the role. This leads to necessary paperwork, training and induction to the company.

Training and development

The Human Resource Management department is responsible for overseeing that training and development takes place to induct a new hire to the team successfully. These programmes are designed to help the new employee understand the company better and identify where their skills might be put to best use while learning new skills to perform better overall. 

Once training has been completed for the employee, the work of the HR team is not yet complete in this area. It’s important to gather feedback from the new staff member regarding the training and development programme. In this way, it’s easier to identify what aspects of the training work well and where improvements can be made.

Compliance management

Compliance and regulation management is one of the key areas of responsibility that an HR manager must undertake. This helps ensure that the organisation doesn’t face any penalties as a result of failed regulation and audits. The HR department must maintain their knowledge of current laws and changes in regulation, such as wage law, employee benefits law, anti-discrimination and harassment laws. 

Staying updated in this area means the HR processes will remain legal and any compliance audits will go smoothly.

Employee satisfaction

If a staff team finds satisfaction in their work and in the team, there’s much more room for good, productive work culture. This means making sure the culture is healthy as well as looking for opportunities for the employee to grow and develop new skills. 

The employee experience in a workplace is crucial to get right as it can help staff retention and it keeps a positive work environment which leads to open communication and a culture of trust and transparency.

Sustainable and actionable workforce planning

It falls to the HR department to ensure that any goals and objectives of the organisation are consistent. This allows the company to look towards the future and meet any needs that might arise as well as devising strategic approaches to strengthen any areas in the staff dynamic and develop processes that build strong team units. This also helps employee retention and leads to organisation growth.

Developing strong HR management practices

If you’re looking to improve your HR management, consider how to work actionable steps into the above areas within your organisation. Taking a short course in Human Resource Management is also an excellent way to develop and hone your HR skills and build a strong culture in your company!

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