Digital Learning: The Sharp Trajectory Upwards

Becky Leighton

Posted: April 3, 2020

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In these uncertain times, it’s easy to be concerned about the future. Businesses are worried, facing a pandemic for which they could never have prepared. Individuals are stressed, facing new challenges that come as a result of being locked down and unable to express human’s most natural skill: Socialising.

However, despite the concerns, it’s amazing to see how quickly the world is adapting to these challenges. Companies are implementing new software and tech into their operations; which has accelerated the growth of technological adoption by decades. As business turns to remote work, it’s become evident that the internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

And it’s crucial in almost all aspects of life. 

Including education.

As we’re locked in and isolated, it doesn’t mean by any stretch that our hunger for learning diminishes. In fact, almost the opposite happens. As individuals are starved of their regular routines, they’re turning to absorb knowledge to satiate the need for an outlet of normality.
The digital education sector has spiked. Looking at what is trending, there is a clear spike in online learning.

With this drive towards online learning, there’s a desperate need for the best ways to adopt digital learning in your day.

The Top Three Strategies for Online Learning

Close other tabs

We’re living in the information age. We have anything and everything we’d like to know at our fingertips. It’s exciting! But it can also be overwhelming. Especially when the information is often connected to the overarching topic that is consuming the world. 

When you sit yourself down to your digital learning experience. Close other tabs which might distract you. Instead of reading new Corona-related stats, give your attention to the engaging material offering in the GIBS Online Digital Programmes and you’ll get the most out of your studies.

Work with intention

Every theoretical example you work through in your Digital Programme has the possibility of practical execution. Work smart in your studying and consider how you can implement the knowledge you are gaining throughout the learning process.

Separate your work time and your learning 

If you are a working professional, odds are you are needing to figure out your work schedule while balancing the challenge of being stuck at home.

When you add a component to your schedule, start the way you want to finish. Set yourself up for success in your online learning and make sure it is set aside from your daily work. Make the material in your Digital Programme a part of your daily routine and you’ll be reaping the benefits of it in no time!

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