Get Your SME Business Ready For The New Year

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Operations managers are a thriving business’ secret weapon. They are the people working (mostly) quietly in the background – keeping the wheels oiled and the business running smoothly. Come the end of the year, holidays, deadlines, and the chaos that comes with the festive season have a huge impact on SME business, and that can […]

The Importance of Operations Management

The Role of the Operations Manager According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of operations management is defined as the following: “The control of the activities involved in producing goods and providing services, and the study of the best ways to do this.” In essence, the role of operations management is crucial to any business. […]

Operations Management Jobs

You’re looking for an operations management job. Before we look at what positions are available for you, let’s look at what the general role entails. What is Operations Management? An operations manager is tasked with overseeing all business operations; ensuring that systems run smoothly and work is completed in both time and budget restraints. Although […]

What skills do you need for Operations Management?

Imagine this: You’re about to head into an important meeting with the company executives. You have been with the company for enough time to know that these meetings cannot be taken lightly. Your boss starts speaking. He starts with a joke. People laugh. He continues: “You know, there are certain people in a company who […]

Everything you need to know about Operations Management

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A crucial part of running a business is to ensure that business operations are running smoothly. This is where the role of operations management is important. To ensure that the business reaches its financial goals, the operations manager will ensure that all processes are streamlined and mapped in order to achieve the desired outcome. The […]

What is Operations Management?

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You might have heard of a line manager, a logistics manager, or a production manager. All of these have a few things in common. They put the individual in a position of overseeing a taskforce and systems, they are involved in ensuring some form of business activity runs smoothly and they look to improve systems […]