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High Impact Sales

R 19,999
Starts 22nd February

Course Details

Transform your sales strategy and drive sales in today's remote working environment

Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to navigate sales in line with the changes in social interaction, buyer behaviour and new technologies. 

Successfully incorporate effective sales techniques, establish better value-driven relationships, utilise your influence and earn the trust of others with this 7-week high impact sales programme. 

The course aims to reskill the current salesforce, introducing them to new sales techniques and strategies and focusing on re-evaluating budgets, the huge shift to digitalisation and an acceleration to a remote selling approach.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals who are new to sales
  • Existing sales professionals who wish to gain a new understanding of digital platforms and tools in relation to sales
  • Business owners aiming to acquire new clients

What will I learn?

This course will enable you to: 

  • Evaluate your organisation’s ability to manage profitable customer relationships and build loyalty in turbulent times
  • Evaluate the new digital reality and virtual selling as companies navigate the new normal
  • Analyse how sales teams pivot from a traditional sales approach to a part-virtual sales approach
  • Evaluate and assess lead generation and customer management techniques, train and motivate the sales team, and analyse and develop sales forecasts
  • Evaluate and rethink aspects of the sales process to adapt to the “new normal”
  • Develop and drive an end-to-end sales strategy for high impact sales in your organisations by addressing the development of a customer-centric sales environment

Course breakdown

Week 1 - Orientation to High Impact Sales 

Week 2 - Developing a customer-centric salesforce

Week 3 - Addressing the new digital reality

Week 4 - Empowering sales management and teams

Week 5 - Enhance and remodel the sales force, channel and sales structures

Week 6 - Pivoting to a strategic mindset to leverage the sales function

Week 7 - Bringing it all together - creating a sales strategy that works for your organisation

Is this right for me?

Business and sales leaders will gain the powerful tools and insight to effectively and radically transform and improve sales performance in the era of digital purchasing and remote selling. Acquire and retain customers and reach your greater business goals through sustainable and profitable sales strategy, technique and implementation.

On successful completion of the course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion on the High Impact Sales course, dually accredited with Coventry University (microcredentials in the UK) and as a registered skills programme which derives credits from a select set of unit standards that make up the National Certificate in Generic Management SAQA ID: 59201 accredited by SABPP in South Africa.

Course details

High Impact Sales

Registrations Close:

15 February 2022

Start Date:

22 February 2022


7 weeks


R 19,999


15 - 18 hours

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Want to know more?

Course faculty

Laurence Beder (MCom, Hons BCom)

Laurence is a marketing consultant and lecturer holding a MCom (Wits) and a Hons BCom (UNISA), with work experience in the area of service/retail marketing management at managerial and directorship levels in the homebuilding, property development and management, and financial services sectors.