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Business Writing

Starts 31st October

Course Details

Learn to develop clear, well-structured business writing to help you succeed

Enhance your written communication skills to increase productivity in your organisation. This 9-week course will give you the knowledge and proficiency needed to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Learn the essential techniques and self-assurance needed to draft professional proposals, reports, memos, and other types of writing required in a business context.

What will I learn?

The skills you will develop:

  • Foster long-lasting professional relationships through the correct use of tone and style
  • Increase your efficiency, productivity, and innovative thinking 
  • Improve your organisation's reputation with well-formulated business documents and professional correspondence 
  • Confidently grow your communication skills in today's collaborative world 
  • Gain insight into the functions of certain business documents 
  • Practically apply the knowledge you have gained by designing various professional documents

Course breakdown

Welcome to your online course

Get to know the MasterStart online campus, familiarise yourself with our course structure and meet your fellow course participants at the Opening Event.

Module One 

Introduction to business documents

Understand the basic principles of business writing and how to apply it to professional documents.

Module Two 

Business language and correspondence

Implement effective communication to build long-lasting, professional relationships.

Module Three

Professional correspondence

Practically apply the correct format, structure and tone on various business documents and communication.

Module Four

Writing reports

Explore, understand and write different types of professional reports.

Module Five

Writing meeting minutes

Understand and implement useful meeting agendas and notices, as well as accurately take relevant meeting minutes.

Module Six

Writing proposals

Produce and present well-structured business proposals.

Module Seven 

Executive summary 

Structure and write a compelling summary to generate stakeholder interest. 

Final assessment 

Submit a Business Report OR Business Proposal relevant to your business environment.

Is this right for me?

This course is ideal for individuals who want to enhance their business writing skills, employees interested in aligning their writing skills to their organisation and junior managers growing in their positions.

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Course details

Business Writing

Registrations Close:

28 October 2022

Start Date:

31 October 2022


9 weeks


4 - 6 hours