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Data Analysis

Starts 16th November

Course Details

Master the data analysis skills that will equip you to confidently make strategic business decisions

Data analysis is a technical tool that will help you become an indispensable member of any team you are in. Help identify necessary information, data and patterns and neatly present information in a business setting. Support strategic business decisions and increase productivity with this highly esteemed dual accreditation from Coventry University.

This microcredential is designed as a foundational knowledge of what data analytics is, alongside the basic skills and expertise to apply analytical insights when making critical and strategic business decisions. 

This programme is valuable for

  • Individuals in a management position
  • Managers who are required to analyse data to make key business decisions
  • Middle, senior managers, or potential managers in specialist positions who wish to improve their understanding of data analysis

What will I learn?

Key takeaways from the course:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the role and value of data analytics and business intelligence in managing a business
  • Evaluate and employ appropriate hardware and software to support business decision-making
  • Identify, examine and implement appropriate data analysis techniques to achieve relevant results informing a specific business decision
  • Prepare and develop visual interpretations of data analysis results, such as infographics and dashboards, to support data-driven decision-making
  • Evaluate and select the appropriate data analytic tool(s), such as Excel versus Tableau, to perform data analysis based on the requirements for a specific business challenge/need
  • Present and make informed data-driven business decisions utilising the information discovered by the data analysis and data visualisation performed

Course breakdown

Week 1 - Orientation to Data Analysis for Managers

Week 2 - Managing in a data-centric world

Week 3 - Hardware and software for data analysis

Week 4 - Types of data analytics for business

Week 5 - Visualising data and corporate performance management (CPM)

Week 6 - Data analytics tools for business

Week 7 - Informed decision-making using data visualisation

Is this right for me?

Managers will find a comprehensive guide and acquire the tools to efficiently analyse data and analytics in a business environment. This course is ideal to sift through and understand data in the information and statistic-based world through various hard and software. 

Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded with a dually accredited course with Coventry University (microcredentials in the UK).

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Course details

Data Analysis

Registrations Close:

9 November 2022

Start Date:

16 November 2022


7 weeks


6 - 8 hours