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Programming with Python & Pandas (Non-Developer Friendly)

Starts 26th September

Course Details

Analyse data quickly and easily with Python's powerful Pandas library

Pandas is an essential data analysis library within Python ecosystem that allows you to work with large quantities of data. This 10-week course is ideal for those who are new to programming and comfortable working in Python. This is a practical Python course covering techniques to clean and process data using Pandas.

Learn how to create powerful data visualizations with Python, the fastest-growing programming language in the world. Pandas makes it very convenient to load, process, and analyse such tabular data using SQL-like queries. Pandas provides a wide range of opportunities for visual analysis of tabular data.

This course is designed for new programmers with a core understanding of the Python language.

To join this course you will need:

  • Experience working in Python.
  • A personal device to complete pre-work and attend the course.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped to: 

  • Learn the most in-demand python data analysis library - Pandas
  • Perform data operations and functions including grouping, pivoting and more
  • Explore, resolve and describe data
  • Learn shortcuts and methods to utilise Pandas 
  • Use Python programming and data analysis tools to create insights that can drive commercial decision-making

Course breakdown

Week 1 - Orientation 

Week 2 - Introduction to Pandas

Week 3 - Data Processing & Cleaning with Pandas

Week 4 - Further Pandas (optional extra)

Week 5 - Apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial information 

Week 6 - Assignment Module

Is this right for me?

This 10-week course is ideal for gaining the relevant knowledge and in-demand skills in the specialised data processing environment. 

This course is ideal for:

  • Become more familiar and employable in the tech industry

As part of this course you will get:

  • 4 half-day live instructor-led interactive workshop with 1:1 in-class tutor support
  • 6 weeks access to EDUKATE.ai with workplace simulated assignments and immediate personalised feedback.
  • Certification pathway available: this course is part of the Data Analysis with Python
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Course details

Programming with Python & Pandas (Non-Developer Friendly)

Registrations Close:

23 September 2022

Start Date:

26 September 2022


10 weeks


8 - 8 hours