Project Management: Principles and Practices short course

Learn how to command your team and accomplish your goals efficiently

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The Project Management: Principles and Practices online short course includes the distilled practical experience of project management experts, aligned to project management methodologies used internationally.

Apply project management theory and project management decision-making. Follow a specific process for the execution of an identified, one-off, substantial deliverable.

Design a critical path diagram and a Gantt chart. Utilise the Gantt chart to develop a project baseline. Develop the budget of a project.

Monitor the actual cost and schedule progress of a project in comparison to the planned cost and progress. Determine the ’health’ of a project. Interpret and diagnose variances, and suggest remedial measures.

Course details

The short course is accessed through the MasterStart's online campus.

You will be guided by a professional course coordinator, ensuring that your progress is informed, focused, and enjoyable.

12 week online short course
Approx. 8 hours required each week
Presented online and part-time
Stellenbosch University certification

Course faculty

MC Botha (MBA with a specialisation in project management)

MC Botha is the Director of the Centre for Business Management of Projects at USB-ED, holds an MBA with a specialisation in project management and has over three decades of experience across the private, government and academic sectors.  He is the programme coordinator of the Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management which is hosted by University of Stellenbosch Business School.

The course as an investment

Upon completion, participants will have gained

Knowledge of the principles and practices required in the application of project management decision-making.

Earn a certificate from Stellenbosch University.

Develop a crucial portfolio required in the process of earning a professional designation as Project Manager (PM), conferred by Project Management South Africa (PMSA), the SAQA-recognised professional body for multi-sector project management.  

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