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Fundamentals of Business and Systems Analysis

Starts 31st October

Course Details

Apply a structured approach to understanding business systems and how to solve business problems. 

Gain a practical understanding of the integral parts of a business system, business system concepts, how to perform an analysis and how to engage with stakeholders. Expand your knowledge and build a set of practical skills that are transferable to your current work environment. 

This course is designed to support individuals in their business environments through an end-to-end structured approach to business systems, problem-solving, requirements validation, and impact analysis.

What will I learn?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be equipped to: 

  • Confidently identify the role of a systems analyst in context of the business.
  • Analyse existing business processes and propose effective solutions to enhance company productivity, profitability, and efficiency.
  • Implement workplace-ready skills that will help you excel in your current role and potentially take on additional responsibilities.

Through diverse learning activities, learners will: 

  • Explore practical case studies
  • Engage in workshops, breakout sessions and collaborative group work 
  • Practise interpersonal skills in small groups under the guidance of experienced facilitators

Course breakdown

Welcome to your online course

  • Module one: The Business analyst role in context
  • Module two: Project scope and planning the analysis
  • Module three: Understanding the business environment 
  • Module four: Elicitation techniques 
  • Module five: Effective requirements 
  • Module six: Tools and techniques for modelling the system
  • Module seven: Structured walkthroughs and critical appraisal
  • Final Assessment

Is this right for me?

This course is ideal for: 

  • Those new to the business or a systems analysis role
  • Junior analysts looking to formalise their training
  • Non-information systems person working with systems analysts
  • Project Managers looking to improve existing analysis skills

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Course details

Fundamentals of Business and Systems Analysis

Registrations Close:

28 October 2022

Start Date:

31 October 2022


9 weeks


4 - 6 hours