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At MasterStart, we understand that every learner is different and that a dynamic and inclusive education is pivotal for progress in today’s fast-paced world.

Our 100% online courses are more than just another educational programme; it’s a intentionally created learning journey that brings together leading industry content, academic certification, and live collaborative learning, all within an accessible and flexible online platform

We aim to empower our learners by fostering confidence, competence, curiosity and character, thus enabling them to thrive in their professional journey within their chosen career.

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Our humanised online learning method will guide you every step of the way, providing support and flexibility for learners at every turn.

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Companies such as IBM, ABSA, EOH, Liberty, and Standard Bank trust us as their  online skills and training development partner.

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MasterStart has developed partnerships with leading businesses schools as well as industry experts around the globe. This has allowed us to accelerate the careers of over 17,000 learners in recent years, including delegates from international brands.

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I am in the sales delivery management space so I oversee a lot of projects and this course came in handy with helping me understand the project side of the business and what the programme manager does, the resources on the project, the project plan/scope, etc. I have a good understanding now of how it all comes together.

Charles Peacock – iOCO Solutions

Get inspired by our success stories

While completing the course, I looked for something to implement in my team and I came across a simple yet effective strategic tool referred to as Think Strategy Plan, Align Deliver Strategy. I based my final assignment on it, and have implemented it in my team and we still utilise it

Terrence Berry – Prommac

Get inspired by our success stories

Giving feedback. In my personal and professional life, if anything happens, I make sure that I give feedback right there and then. The course also helped boost my confidence in terms of providing feedback to my subordinates.

Aphane Johannes, Santam

Coaching for High Performance

Get inspired by our success stories

Listening both ways (professionally and personally). I have used it in terms of catchups with my team, where now I am asking them more to self-focus and solve problems themselves, where previously it was the other way around.

Yvonne Joseph, ABSA

Coaching for High Performance

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Our humanised learning experience has seen a 2x participation improvement, with an NPS score of 82.



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