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Developing Women Leaders Online Short Course

Starts 26th September

Course Details

The Developing Women Leaders online short course provides a unique nine-week learning opportunity. The core areas of this course – self awareness, leadership presence, and building relationships for impact – allow aspiring female leaders to become more self-aware, connect more authentically with others as an inspiring presence, and manage relationships successfully across a broad spectrum; from direct reports to peers, managers and other stakeholders. 

What will I learn?

  • An understanding of organisations, power and politics
  • An understanding of the impact of broader gender issues faced by women
  • Increased confidence in leading and influencing others
  • Awareness of personal intention and impact
  • Increased self-awareness, and commitment to continue the process
  • Skills in negotiating, coaching and giving feedback
  • A network of colleagues with whom they have a shared powerful experience
  • Personal mastery emerging from the consolidation and integration of all the course components, using enduring practices such as journaling, mindfulness, networking and conscious reflection
  • Self awareness to address detrimental and self sabotaging patterns of thinking and responding 

Course breakdown

Orientation Module

Module One – Personal mastery

Module Two – Leadership presence

Module Three – Building relationships for impact – part 1

Module Four – Navigating organisational power and politics

Module Five – Building relationships for impact – part 2

Module Six – Workplace realities

Module Seven – Consolidate and celebrate  

Is this right for me?

This course is ideal for women who are interested in self-development, career advancement and personal fulfillment. It gives women an opportunity to really evaluate themselves in a safe environment and to benefit from feedback from their peers.

As a woman, you will benefit from this course if you:

  • Are interested in self-development, career advancement and personal fulfillment
  • Want an opportunity to evaluate yourself and benefit from feedback from your peers
  • Want to increase your ability to confidently lead and influence others
  • Want to build skills such as networking, communication and collaboration
  • Are interested in an online programme that offers both the convenience of remote learning as well as the support and impact of small group ‘live’ learning with peers and facilitators

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Course details

Developing Women Leaders Online Short Course

Registrations Close:

23 September 2022

Start Date:

26 September 2022


9 weeks


6 - 8 hours