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FinTech: An Opportunity to Disrupt

Starts 12th October

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Transform finance through innovation

What is FinTech and how can it help me? Why are the disruptive FinTech strategies so important to my organisation? 

FinTech disruption reaches beyond the finance and technology intersection sectors.  It is relevant to all business sectors that can be enabled by FinTech solutions.

This FinTech online programme will teach you about the functions affected by technological disruption in the financial services and provide the opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge in the field of financial technology to advance your organisation.

Who should do this course?

Senior managers, executives, directors, entrepreneurs and suppliers curious about strategies that enable FinTech business models, structures, processes, culture and talent.

This FinTech programme is relevant beyond the finance and technology intersection sectors.  It is relevant to all delegates whose business can be enabled by FinTech solutions.

What will I learn?

You will receive instruction on

  • The origins and meaning of FinTech
  • Trends and drivers of digital disruption in the financial services industry
  • Business models and business model innovation by both incumbent and new entrants in the financial services

You will be able to determine 

  • Whether FinTech has ushered in a revolution or whether it is part of a natural evolution
  • How regulations and regulatory technologies can enable or hinder FinTech innovations
  • How FinTech is reconfiguring managerial understanding and utilisation of corporate strategies

You will apply your knowledge

Ultimately, from your organisational level and stage and across different industries, you will be able to explore and exploit your newfound knowledge in the field of financial technology to advance your organisation.

Is this right for me?

Orientation Module

The Orientation Module introduces you to the GIBS Online campus, onboards you to the programme and initiates your engagement with the GIBS expert faculty and fellow participants. You have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the programme details, how to approach online learning and the kinds of activities you will encounter during the programme.

Module One - FinTech Trends and Drivers

  • Survey FinTech megatrends and FinTech by the numbers
  • Show how technological disruption in financial services impacts on competition, efficiency and customer welfare  

The digital revolution has greatly increased the weight of codifiable information and the tools available to process it.

  • Explore artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) using mainly big data
  • Engage at the intersection of business model innovation, platforms and the FinTech revolution

Module Two - Strategies Used by FinTech Players: Competition or Cooperation?        

Focus on the customer instead of the product

For incumbent players:

  • Discover whether your industry structure suggests accommodating or preventing entry of FinTech players 
  • Explore bundling and tying as deterring or accommodating strategies

For new players:

  • Explore remaining undetected while developing a sustainable franchise

Module Three - Strategies Used by BigTech Players

  • Discover the strategies used by BigTech players as providers of data and technology to users and providers of financial services 
  • Evaluate whether to compete head-to-head with incumbent providers by exploiting economies of scope to become a financial service player
  • Evaluate whether to enable multisided platforms that compete for the most profitable segments of the financial services industry
  • Concerning platform strategies, explore platform envelopment strategies
  • Scrutinise how incumbent financial services providers can respond to BigTech providers

Module Four - New and Potential Solutions Offered by FinTech

Financial intermediation and changing payment mechanisms

  • Delve into new forms of financial intermediation like loan and equity-based crowdfunding
  • Consider the implications of changing payment mechanisms, digital mechanisms and other cashless solutions 

Module Five - Regulation as the Mediator in the FinTech Revolution

  • How should FinTech and BigTech be regulated?  
  • Who should regulate FinTech and BigTech? 
  • Financial, competition or both regulators?  
  • What are the financial stability implications of FinTech and BigTech? 

In answering these questions we seek to: 

  • Highlight how regulation impacts on innovation
  • Specifically, investigate the role of RegTech
  • Using a multi-country case study approach, explore how industry structure and regulation in different countries enable or constrain the FinTech revolution
  • Make the case for and against being a licensed financial service player

Module Six - New Sources of Corporate Strategy

Evaluate and incorporate new technologies into corporate strategy

  • Appraise how new technologies are reshaping our understanding of corporate strategy 
  • Incorporate theories and concepts of strategy and innovation to uncover how managers and entrepreneurs can practically navigate the opportunities and threats presented by Fintech


Throughout the programme, you will have opportunities to test your knowledge, practise application, evaluate your understanding, reflect on your insights and track your improvement with both graded and ungraded assessments.

Module assessments include reflective polls and discussions, multiple-choice quizzes, written assignments and case study applications. You will receive feedback and can discuss ways to improve with GIBS faculty and your peers.

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Course details

FinTech: An Opportunity to Disrupt

Registrations Close:

11 October 2022

Start Date:

12 October 2022


7 weeks


4 - 6 hours