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Power Skills Essentials

Starts 26th October

Course Details

Acquire the skills to succeed in an ever-changing business environment by developing a personal and professional brand focused on emotional intelligence, effective communication, adaptability, and flexibility.

Set yourself apart in your current role or step into a new position with the human skills that you need to succeed. Through this 10-week online course, you will earn a certificate from Wits Business School and develop the professional capabilities to grow your career, excel in diverse organisations, and increase your productivity. 

Gain the essential human-centred power skills necessary to thrive in dynamic and demanding work environments. Develop your personal and professional brand that can be applied in a digital, ever-changing business context and immediately apply these sought-after power skills through practical guidance. 

What will I learn?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be equipped to: 

  • Implement the skills necessary to succeed in a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment. 
  • Increase your productivity by focusing on emotional intelligence, communication skills, time management, adaptability, and flexibility.
  • Develop a personal brand that is professional, sustainable and recognisable.
  • Use your personal and professional brand to communicate effectively and build your network.
  • Recognise your role as a digital citizen in dynamic and agile workplaces. 

Course breakdown

Week 1 | Welcome to your online course

Week 2 | Module one: Introduction to power skills

Week 3 | Module two: Communication and confidence

Week 4 | Module three: Adaptability, flexibility, and productivity

Week 5 | Module four: Workplace integrity and professionalism

Week 6 | Module five: Digital etiquette and collaboration

Week 7 | Module six: Leveraging networks for success

Week 8 | Module seven: Workplace social skills and EQ

Week 9 | Module eight: Designing your personal and professional profile and brand

Week 10 | Assessment week

Is this right for me?

This course is suited for those wanting to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to build a professional profile and behaviours that enable you to succeed in thyour organisation. Contribute to organisational needs and capabilities, excel in your work place, and grow in your professional capabilities.

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Course details

Power Skills Essentials

Registrations Close:

25 October 2022

Start Date:

26 October 2022


10 weeks


4 - 6 hours

Course faculty

Portia Heynes (BCom, Executive MBA)

Portia is a multitalented lecturer who specialises in the areas of systems thinking, personal mastery, digital transformation and change, and creating sustainable learning cultures. Currently doing her doctorate, Portia views education as her purpose and legacy.