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We provide Category-B aligned training and BBBEE skills development courses for business. Maximising your Return on Learning Investment (ROLI), while actively contributing to a better tomorrow through education.

As our courses fall into Category B of the Skills Development Matrix, it means that the full cost of the course plus the salary of the trainee, for the duration of the course can potentially be recognised on your scorecard, thereby adding key skills to your organisation and maximising points to your scorecard

MasterStart courses are workplace-applicable: Our content is developed with industry-experts at the forefront of their sector and our programmes are designed to build the confidence and competence of our learners. With live peer-to-peer workshops, our courses enable learners to put their learnings into a real-world context.

MasterStart courses accreditation: All our courses enable successful learners to achieve a competency-based certificate issued by an accredited or registered formal institution of learning. The courses are formally assessed by industry-experts and result in a competence based certificate upon successful completion of the course.

What does recognising the cost of your employee salaries and course fee mean in rand terms?: It means that for every R100 direct cost you spend with MasterStart and MasterStart South Africa, your business could recognise up to R600 against your scorecard spend requirements.


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Established Partnerships
MasterStart has partnered with top Triple Crown business schools and partners locally and internationally.
Diverse Portfolio
We offer a diverse portfolio of 100% online programmes that ensures your employees can start applying their new skills in your workplace immediately.
The Human Edge
Human connection is a deep bond that’s formed between people when they believe they are seen and valued. People build trust and exchange positive energy during an authentic human connection. Our humanised approach to online results in an impactful learning experience.


What impact does this mean for your business?

Portfolio that is relevant

Leadership and management certified programmes, which run for a duration of between 6-12 weeks. Designed with an understanding of the schedules and needs of busy professionals. Content is Industry led and workplace applicable.

Employee Success

Learners will have access to support when they need it. Our Learner Success Coordinators and Industry Experts support your employees throughout their course while providing your business with a learner progress report throughout.

How does it work?

Company X gets the value of R3,735,000 towards their B-BBEE Skills Development Spend, but only spends R672,750 (INC VAT) by using MasterStart and MasterStart South Africa.

R 0 k

Total Course Cost (excl VAT)

30 Designated Learners on a MasterStart course costing R19,500 (excl VAT) per learner.

R 0 m

Salary Recognition

Avg employees salary for the duration of the course is R35,000 per month. A cost incurred already by the company. Per month for the duration of the course (12 weeks).

R 0 m

Total BBBEE recognised spend on skills development.

R 0

Total Cash Outlay for the course cost.

(Incl VAT)

What our clients say about us

“MasterStart Programmes are of particular interest to Absa, as they contribute towards skills spend Category B ”

“We work with MasterStart because we find them highly responsive to our needs and the programme outcomes are directly applicable to our workplace”