Why MasterStart

Designed with you in mind, our humanised approach to online learning gives you the opportunity to interact in meaningful ways with both experts in the field and your peers. 

Through scheduled live discussions, sharing your unique ideas and experiences, and working with people who are on your course too, you can solve real-world business problems and challenges in a safe and structured environment.

You will be supported on your online course, with Industry Experts and Learner Success Coordinators providing guidance and feedback every step of the way.

Experience collaboration, commitment, and success on online courses like never before.


Understanding your skills development needs, we have aligned ourselves with partners who believe in what we do. We’re connecting more than just people, businesses, and online courses but rather relationships, lifelong learning, and passion.
University of Cape Town - Graduate School of Business
Our humanised approach to online learning means you will:

Participate in live learning sessions

We’ll send you meeting requests to interact in workshops, breakout rooms, and collaborative group work in real-time. Build a sense of community and feel more connected to the course while confidently sharing your unique perspective, skills and experiences.

Explore practical case studies

Deepen your understanding of your course subject matter and develop your problem-solving skills by learning from real-life experiences and understanding how to apply this knowledge in your life and career.

Connect with Industry Experts

Live sessions give you the opportunity to directly interact with your Industry Experts and Learner Success Coordinators. Get access to additional resources, ask questions and learn from the experts to thrive in your career.

Virtual Orientation of our Online Campus

  • Meet your Industry Expert and Learner Success Coordinator
  • Familiarise yourself with the MasterStart learning method, meet your fellow learners and confidently navigate the Online Campus
  • Your Learner Success Coordinator will go through the course roadmap and outline expectations of the course
  • You will have the opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you might have about the course
Online Interactive Community – engage with your peers through the community chat, ask questions and discuss the course content and assignment.
We do not have a traditional exam structure, you will be expected to submit an assessment before the end of your online course.

Collaborative learning takes place during live online sessions with your Industry Experts and Learner Success Coordinator. Depending on the course these can be every week / second week. Your LSC will send you meeting invites to add to your calendar.


Education can be intimidating, especially for people without an academic background. MasterStart enables our learners to apply real world context to coursework and learn from each other as a central part of their programme.


MasterStart supports learners with human touchpoints at every stage of their journey. We see every engagement as an opportunity to inspire learners to excel on their programme and in their lives.


We believe building the confidence of our learners is just as important as growing their competence. MasterStart is their trusted educational provider and we conduct ourselves with the confidence of leaders in our field who are unlocking the potential of every single learner.


Too many people have been locked out of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ leadership training model. MasterStart is progressive in its methods and mission. We are opening opportunities for diverse groups in the subject areas needed for tomorrow’s economy.
Speak to a learning advisor about the programme best suited to you or your organisation