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FinTech: A Booming Industry in Africa

6th December 2022

Of 5,200 tech startups created across Africa between 2020 and 2021, almost half are in financial technology, aka…

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The Banking Risk Landscape

5th December 2022

The risk landscape for banks is changing rapidly, with Internal and external risks on the rise. All the…

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In Demand Business and Systems Analysis Skills within the Banking Sector

2nd December 2022

In today’s environment, businesses that fail to leverage technology and adapt to changing conditions are increasingly less likely…

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How to Ask your Company to Pay for your Skills Development

1st December 2022

Imagine you found a perfect professional development short course that’s not only interesting and challenging but is highly…

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Characteristics of a High-Performing Team and How to Build One

17th November 2022

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, famously said: “No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing…

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A Guide on How to Become an Impactful Leader

17th November 2022

Disruptions caused by lockdowns during Covid-19 have left an indelible mark on the psyche of workers. The people…

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Humanised Learning & Why it Works

11th November 2022

We mention it a lot – that human connection is our superpower and often don’t publicly delve deep…

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Leadership Trends To Take Into 2023

31st October 2022

In a time when hybrid working has become the norm, there is a greater need for employees to…

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Power Skills in the New Hybrid World of Work

28th October 2022

Being able to do your job – even do it well – is no longer the only requirement…

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Creating a Market-Leading Learner Experience with MasterStart’s CXO, Alison Smith

28th October 2022

Over the last 2 years, MasterStart has made significant investments to radically transform the experience of learning online….

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Diversity and Inclusion: A Profitable Opportunity

20th October 2022

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the workplace has become an essential part of South Africa’s social and economic…

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Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

12th October 2022

October is Global Diversity Month, a special time when we celebrate our differences and the things that make…

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What are power skills, and why do they matter?

7th October 2022

Amid a changing work landscape and a deluge of technological advancements comes another shift; the kind of skills…

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The Relationship Between Operations and Project Management

30th September 2022

Operations and project management are easily confused terms. While they share some characteristics, there are important differences when…

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Human Resource Skills for People Managers

28th September 2022

Have you heard the statement ‘people are the most important assets” when referring to an organisation? I’m sure…

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Get Your SME Business Ready For The New Year

22nd September 2022

Operations managers are a thriving business’ secret weapon. They are the people working (mostly) quietly in the background…

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Closing the skills gap in banking

16th September 2022

The South African banking industry has identified major gaps in the skills needed to continue as one of…

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Risk Management in the Real World

15th September 2022

Risk management has been a buzzword in the world of (big) business for some time. But, in a…

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Defining success with Shaleenah Marie Samsunder

14th September 2022

Meeting up with Shaleenah Heading up the Learning and Education portfolio at Siemens, Shaleenah is a certified coach…

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MasterStart’s Women’s Month Webinar – Creating an asynchronous and agile team with Dr. Regina Cordes

6th September 2022

On Tuesday, 23rd of August 2022, MasterStart held their first Women’s Month Webinar with special guest speaker Dr….

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Celebrating your success

25th August 2022

Leading Women in Business – Learning and Development Series with Elmarie Cronje As Head of Learning and Development…

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Do everything with intention

18th August 2022

Leading Women in Business – Learning and Development Series – Getting to know Seipati Moloto This National Women’s…

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Coaching in the workplace

8th April 2022

A manager plays many important roles in an organisation’s environment, including their role as a key driver for…

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MasterStart and Wits Business School partner to unlock leadership potential and promote sustainable business development in Africa.

6th April 2022

Cape Town, [06 April 2022]: MasterStart, a rising South African edtech business, has further expanded its partnership portfolio…

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Leading the course experience. Edtech startup appoints Dr Alexia Cox as Chief Learning Officer.

24th January 2022

MasterStart, a growing edtech with bases in Cape Town and London, has added Dr Alexia Cox to its…

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MasterStart shortlisted for The Learning Awards 2022

10th December 2021

Our MasterStart team is beyond excited to be shortlisted for the Learning Awards 2022. The Learning Awards have…

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MasterStart x MD2MD LeaderFest 2021: Developing leadership skills

12th October 2021

As we look forward to the much-awaited face-to-face return of LeaderFest’s annual event, community members will have the…

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