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In an era of rapid change and skills evolution, MasterStart stands at the frontline, offering insight and foresight into South Africa’s learning and skill development landscape.

Our 2024 report is more than just data; it’s a compass guiding learning and HR professionals through the complexities of workplace learning, skills development, and organisational growth.

Delve into a comprehensive analysis of L&D trends, both globally and within South Africa’s unique context.

Addressing South Africa’s Unique Learning and Development Challenges

South Africa’s L&D challenges are unique, intertwined with socioeconomic factors and evolving industry demands. Our report dives deep into these intricacies, offering a nuanced understanding of how digital transformation, B-BBEE compliance, and industry-specific training needs are influencing the L&D strategies of South African businesses.

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Power Skills accounted for 8/10 of the top skills according to WEF.

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of employees are pursuing training outside of work due to a lack of viable in-career development opportunities

Inside the 2024 Learning & Development Trends Report

Get a snapshot of South Africa’s L&D challenges
Understand South Africa’s place in the global L&D landscape
Figure out your 2024 L&D strategy

Capitalise on Your Investment in Learning & Development Strategies in 2024

Investing in employee skills development can feel like a temporary fix, with new technologies constantly changing how we work. So, instead of focusing solely on the latest technical skills, our courses help learners navigate the ever-changing world by fostering long-lasting power skills like resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving. Read more about our method and how it applies to the 2024 L&D landscape in our free report.

“Every year that a new programme ends and starts, you see the energy and opportunities that you create. It’s about taking more time to celebrate how many people get qualified and skilled, staying abreast of new opportunities, and knowing the part that you play in creating opportunities for other people.

– Elmarie Cronje, Head of Learning & Development, EOH

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