Digital transformation – do we really need it?

Jessamy Amic

Posted: March 30, 2021

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Digital transformation is crucial in the ability to stay relevant in any industry. As technology moves the world forward, it’s important for businesses to move with it otherwise it risks losing out on opportunities, broader audiences, and successful marketing and sales.

At the root of it, digital transformation is the integration of new technology into systems and strategies in a business. This results in more efficiency and a better system overall within the company. With digital transformation driving systems forward in an organisation, customer support and value offering improves too, which helps advance the business in both the ability to market itself and offer the best products successfully.

Is digital transformation important?

The short answer – yes absolutely!

The longer answer – it’s crucial for a company, especially if involved in the online space or in any tech industry, to adopt and implement digital strategies into its operations to stay as efficient as possible and offer customers the best at the end of the day. Here’s why digital transformation is important: 

Offering on-demand and fulfilling instant expectations

Customer service is – and should be treated as – the backbone of the success of a customer-related business. Building a loyal customer base relies on offering them the best and treating them as valuable individuals rather than a price tag. 

Integrating digital solutions to improve customer relations through streamlined systems is one way to promote positive customer service. 

In this case, working with the information technology and dev departments is essential and improving and scaling systems sustainably is important to develop the right processes which can last and evolve as the business grows.

Efficiency and employee operations

Digital transformation in the form of tools and systems can make a remarkable difference in offering easier systems for employees to work with. 

Better software can mean more room for productvitity – but only when implemented correctly. Small transitions with training and active communication are crucial for any digital transformation to be successful. The right digital tools can help administer convenience across all departments from finance to HR, project management to operations.

Data and customer security

Security is one of the consumer’s biggest points of concern when shopping or engaging online. If a company can offer a strong sense of security in their systems, focusing on updating their strategies and maintaining protocols and processes, there will likely be more loyalty and customer retainment. 

This is where digital transformation takes a step towards smart technology, with tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. As this technology is becoming more and more widely accessible, companies would benefit from exploring and considering rolling out the tech in a smooth, secure way to capture security as a focus point.

Easier communication and strong business partnership

Starting internally, a company’s communication systems can be enhanced incredibly by making use of digital software. With tools that are able to adapt to the company’s culture and scale as the business grows, it can save a lot of time and effort having the right lines in place for employees and management to communicate clearly across their teams.

From there, communication and partnership growth can be improved through digital software. This leaves more time to actively seek new avenues in the business. For example, a retail-focused company could partner with a tech business to offer a new product.

Digital transformation in your business

Taking the right approach to digital transformation is crucial in a successful implementation. Taking a digital program to explore the practical and theoretical strategies to lead your business to a more digital platform puts you in good stead to ensure systems run smoothly and the digital disruption doesn’t cause chaos. 

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