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What is the role of a business analyst?

Business Analyst

Making sure a company’s systems are at their peak performance is one of the most important components in business analysis.

The business systems analyst (also referred to as a BSA) is responsible for optimising systems and protocols within a company. This means making sure that all systems are improved to run at their maximum efficiency.

Although the BSA is involved in all processes of a business, the focus is usually on information technology (IT) systems. The purpose of conducting a systems analysis is to identify what is working successfully and what is hindering progress for the business. A good BSA is able to find and upgrade or remove any outdated systems as well as developing new systems to improve the company’s functions.

The main role of a business systems analyst

The most important role of the business systems analyst is to promote efficiency through the systems used in a company. This is broken into two components:

  • Improving and optimising current systems in the business; and
  • Creating new systems to support the company’s strategies.

Although it might sound like a simple process, business systems analysis is in-depth and requires time and research to achieve the best results. The BSA should be able to conduct an investigation into what processes are inefficient and explore ways to better or replace the problematic system.

The business systems analyst should also keep a keen focus on what is externally expected of a business, and should find ways to align the systems with the needs of the public while ensuring the company’s work performance remains productive.

What is the role of a business analyst?

The business component of business systems analysis is personal with a strong focus on human resources and building relations between stakeholders or clients and the business. The result of this is that the business analyst is able to gather information from the stakeholders in order to make sure the right systems are correctly in place as well as liaising with clients and providing information of how practical aspects of the business are going.

What is the role of a systems analyst?

The systems component of business systems analysis puts a spotlight on the systems, protocols and process of the business. This is where the optimisation and improvement of systems, such as software, human and manufacturing, is developed.

There can be different roles for these two components and often the business analyst in a company works very closely with the systems analyst. An individual can be tasked with both roles; for example in the case of a small company or for a large company focused where the business systems analysis can focus solely on one department.

You receive the fundamentals in both business and systems analysis through our 12-week long Business and Systems Analysis short course, where you will learn how to use innovation to drive company growth as well as understanding how to tackle issues in a creative way.

Business systems analyst jobs requirements

Like most career paths, business and systems analysis can be considered a trade in itself or it can vary depending on the company, the experience and the skill set of the analyst. This means that business analyst careers could have different requirements or duties linked to the work. That being said, there are general responsibilities that every BSA should set out to accomplish.

The job requirements of a business and systems analyst can be broken down into the following capabilities:

What are the skills required for a business systems analyst?

  • The ability to collect any necessary information in order to analyse the protocols and functions of a business.
  • The understanding to consider the aims of the company and ensure that the systems put in place are aligned.
  • Capabilities to design software and computing systems to aid in the workings of the business, such that maximum efficiency can be ensured.
  • Insight to identify any problems in the company’s methods and find suitable solutions.
  • Evaluation progress skills to regularly analyse information with the intention of defining what systems work well and which ones need improvement.
  • The understanding to liaise with stakeholders and clients and make sure what is expected is clear.

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