5 Quick Financial Tips to Help You See Through Januworry

Becky Leighton

Posted: January 15, 2019

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At this time of the year, you maybe be thinking that you playing the starring role in the movie Groundhog Day. We are here to reassure you that, although it is understandable to think that time is standing still, it is, in fact, moving forward and here’s how you can survive and move forward.

Don’t Janu-worry, we have your back.

1. First and foremost, budget!

Ya, KeDezemba has come and gone boss! Now we are sitting scrummaging through the ruins to find anything that we can salvage. A good place to start is your bank balance, start allocating the necessary funds for your fixed monthly expenses and what’s left to other necessary expenditures.

2. Don’t play it loose with fast food

Unfortunately, we can’t cut out food expenses but we can keep it under wraps. Fast food may seem easy and convenient but it will come at a cost. Rather draw up a shopping list and plan your meals, but remain flexible. While shopping for the items you need, take note of the things that are on sale but not on your list. Not only can you save money but you may come up with new meal ideas.

3. Carpool or take public transport

If you willing to let go of the comfortability and convenience of driving your car to work every day, then this can be a great money saver. Look into public transport systems in your area to find the quickest root. If this is not your cup of tea then perhaps you could carpool. Ask a colleague, a neighbour or check online message boards. Sharing the petrol costs will save you a surprising amount of money. You may even find a permanent money saving solution.

4. Toss the credit card

Okay, maybe don’t throw it away, the bank charges associated with replacing it can be ridiculous. You should, however, try your best to resist the urge to charge expenses to it. The ripple effects of repayments may take you from Janu-worry into Febru-worry and beyond. Take it out of your wallet, put it in a safe place, and only use it in cases of emergency. Take a look at your budget again – is it something you need or something you want?

5. Netflix and chill

It’s a new year which is going to present you with new challenges and opportunities that will test you. Spend some time indoors and define your vision for the year ahead. Develop some goals you want to reach this year, whether it’s learning a new skill or finally cancelling that gym membership you took out in 2017. The possibilities are endless.

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