Meet the faculty: MC Botha

Becky Leighton

Posted: March 14, 2018

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Who is MC Botha?

MC Botha is the Director of the Centre for Business Management of Projects at USB-ED, and holds an MBA with a specialisation in project management, and has over three decades of experience across the private, government and academic sectors. He is also the programme coordinator of the Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management, which is hosted by University of Stellenbosch Business School.

“This is the point of departure…”

How is Project Management different in start-ups vs well- established companies?

Let me answer in the inverse. Established companies will typically have a higher project management maturity level and have established methodologies. Start-ups will most probably embrace progressive elaboration in their project execution, hence the increase in the popularity of Agile as a methodology. The latter alternative is exciting and dynamic

Any tips or advice for those looking to study Project Management?

My immediate advice is to start with your studies as soon as possible. I agree with a statement by Fortune Magazine when they reported that Project Management is the number one career choice. Project management is more than a skill set, it is a frame of mind and a paradigm. Good project managers have the ability to see the holistic picture and to contextualise, and must be systematic thinkers. Therefore, if you can further your studies in project management, embrace the opportunity. Studies are not always easy, but always rewarding!

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