Generations of Learning: The Evolution of Education

Becky Leighton

Posted: June 12, 2020

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In the past decade alone, education has seen an extraordinary transition. From electronic screens in every classroom to tablets or personal computers mandated for students, technology has become so deeply integrated into the classroom that it’s difficult to imagine a time when it was just paper and pens.

Everything About Learning Has Changed

The significant changes in education are obvious in both how things are taught and what is being taught.

Think back to when you were at school. Pluto was likely featuring as one of the Milky Way’s planets. A generation ago, there would be little to no focus on cyber safety. As more information comes to light, the details of what we know – and are taught – shift. And as technology continues to develop, information is becoming more accessible to more people.

With Father’s Day coming up, it’s an interesting exercise to look back and reflect on how things were just a generation ago. Data shows how young adults today are more likely to go to university. According to research, around 39% of millennials have a bachelor’s degree or higher. This is a significant spike compared to the 29% of Gen Xers who have graduated, and the mere 25% of Baby Boomers who boast degrees.

Is Theoretical Teaching Effective?

It is crucial to recognise that a university degree is not fully indicative of knowledge. This is especially true as more companies are leaning towards practical comprehension and tangible skill-sets over paper certifications. This has led to the evolution of education at a more holistic level – practical development is more appealing than mere theoretical knowledge.

This means that the process of learning has adapted beyond formal schooling. Now, education and life-long learning are encouraged in all industries, not just academia. Online learning has shot up in popularity over the past 10 years, and even more so during COVID-19.

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How Education Has Evolved Beyond Itself

Education has evolved to become more inclusive for both individuals and industries. Digital Programmes offer a fascinating look at how technology entwines industries with one another. For example, Artificial Intelligence a Practical Approach ties the four industries of academia, engineering, business, and economics in one neat bundle.

You no longer need to choose one hard focus on your career. Having a hunger for information about different topics is both rewarding and rewarded – and it’s become easy to satiate.

Signing up for a Digital Programme will help satisfy your need to know more – and you’ll gain valuable insight into your industry and others!

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