6 Powerful Strategies For Female Managers To Excel

Becky Leighton

Posted: August 12, 2019

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It’s only natural that a woman might have a different leadership style than a man. However, when a woman is in a position of leadership, because of history, she might not command the same amount of respect as her male counterparts even though they have the same title.

Because of this, being a woman in leadership can be a challenge. However, with these killer strategies, you can move from being a leader to a “we need her” in no time.

1. Surround Yourself With Confidence-boosters

Women are often told that they need to work harder than men to be recognised for the same tasks or positions. This can have a significant impact on the way that a woman might see herself and her achievements will always be compared to her male colleagues.

As a woman in leadership, make sure you are always surrounding yourself with something which excites your confidence. This can be anything from an encouraging internal mantra to a hype-friend who can help you get your way through a tough day.

2. Take Soft Words Out Of Your Vocabulary

‘Soft words’ take power from a statement, making them carry less weight than they deserve.

These are the “just”, “sorry”, and “I think maybe” terms you might have heard or used before:

“I just wanted to check in”.

“Sorry, we need to start the meeting.”

“I think maybe we should conduct this research.” 

You are the leader for a reason. Don’t weaken what you have to say, just because you think it might sound more friendly. You don’t need to be impolite to talk powerfully. You need to back what you say. And you certainly don’t need to apologise for it.

3. Don’t Push Other Female Leaders Down

Leadership is not a competition, and bringing other women down to climb the ladder doesn’t actually help your case. In fact, it weakens your position.

Despite what it might seem, teaming up with other women in the office is a power-play and a complete game-changer. One practice is called amplification, and it’s used everywhere from businesses to the White House

Try this: When another woman in your office has a good idea, repeat it while giving her credit. Not only does it promote a supportive culture in the office, but it also means that the credit for the suggestion won’t go to another staff member. Now, you’re developing credibility to all the women in the office.

4. Train Your Strengths; Don’t Only Work On Your Weaknesses

Think back to your school days, where we were told to work hard on our weaker subjects so we could be well-rounded little academics. Now, forget that lesson.

Imagine you were a professional football player and you could find the back of the net like Messi. You wouldn’t spend the majority of your time becoming a better goalkeeper, would you?

In leadership, it’s the same. Your primary energy should be spent on aspects which make you excellent, and your weaknesses should be your secondary focus.

5. Embrace That Sweet, Sweet Oxytocin

You might have heard of oxytocin. It’s also known as the ‘Cuddle Hormone’, and it helps create social bonds between people.

No, we’re not advocating for a cuddle party during the lunch hour. We’re saying you should use the way nature works to your advantage to develop warm working relationships with your team members. 

Having a good relationship with your team can help motivate them, which, in turn, can result in more efficient work and more creativity and innovation in the workplace.

6. Take Time To Take Care Of Yourself

Focusing 100% of your time on one thing sounds unhealthy, doesn’t it?
That’s because it is.

Taking time to do things that are not work-related, such as going on a vacation is good for you – which is ultimately good for your work life. Challenge yourself as a leader, but don’t burn yourself out doing it.

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