MasterStart x MD2MD LeaderFest 2021: Developing leadership skills

Jessamy Amic

Posted: October 12, 2021

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As we look forward to the much-awaited face-to-face return of LeaderFest’s annual event, community members will have the opportunity to connect, learn and grow their skills in essential leadership and performance areas of their businesses. 

Bringing together inspiring leaders from across the globe in a lively and interactive format, MasterStart, a collaborative online partner of leading executive and business education providers, showcases career-focused programmes designed to unlock leadership potential through a humanised online learning experience. 

As part of our vision to develop diverse leadership teams committed to making a meaningful contribution on a local and global scale, MasterStart is nurturing the human skills within course participants and facilitating them with top-tier faculty, industry experts and relevant coursework to maximise their educational outcomes. This methodology has allowed us to build a course completion rate of 90%+ across MasterStart programmes. 

Contributing to developing a new generation of mindful leaders, we have a vision of humanised online learning, utilising the best of industry and academia alongside a higher awareness of sustainability and responsible governance.  The significant business transformations over the pandemic have meant it’s more important than ever for organisations to improve access for employees to career-enhancing courses that will enhance job satisfaction and build the business’s tech and leadership capabilities.

“Education is key in empowering people to grow their capabilities and their confidence so that they can become the leaders that the world needs today.”

Ben Pike, MasterStart CEO

Developing Women Leaders

Encouraging women to rise into leadership positions brings a unique combination of talents, creative views, and, most crucially, structural and cultural distinctions that help to drive efficient long-term strategies. In companies with gender diversity of 10% or more, earnings before interest and taxes increased by 3.5%*. In short, women leaders make a key impact on the bottom line. *McKinsey & Company

MasterStart, in collaboration with MD2MD LeaderFest, will be sponsoring limited seats to our UCT GSB Developing Leaders Course – designed to empower women in the workplace and diversify leadership potential within organisations. 

Participants can develop knowledge and skills through MasterStart’s validated and contextualised course content, meeting the goals of businesses increasingly seeking workers with the human abilities to succeed in fast-changing sectors and company operations. Throughout the human-centred course programme, women will gain the knowledge and know-how from industry-leading faculty to improve in the core areas of self-development, career advancement and personal development.

“It was about being inclusive, and nobody is better or worse than anyone else, and the way to be a leader is to inspire people. It’s not hierarchical. It’s not being better than anyone else. It really showed bravery to show that we’re not all perfect. I don’t know how to do it all, but I think I’m good at this, you be good at that. Let’s go on this journey together.”

Lisa Donoghue, Developing Women Leaders Participant

Focusing on industry-leading courses that speak to and connect with the sustainability and ESG agenda, MasterStart ensures that students are at the forefront of all we do, from enrolment to long after course completion. We’re investing in people and the leaders of tomorrow. 

Join MasterStart CEO Ben Pike alongside speakers from various industries on the 13th of October 2021 and recognise your leadership’s significant impact on company performance, experience, and future opportunities. 

Check out LeaderFest 2021 here.

If you’re interested in our January 2022 Developing Women Leaders programmes visit here.

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