5 Ways Online Learning Can Reignite Your Productivity

Becky Leighton

Posted: June 12, 2020

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The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind that has seen workers and students all over the country struggling to maintain motivation, discipline, and productivity. Now, as we slowly return to normalcy, we are all having to pick up the pace again and get our efficiency back up to pre-pandemic levels, which is no easy task.

Luckily, the universe has provided the perfect opportunity to reset, reconsolidate, and restart our engines… World Productivity Day! This special day is held on 20 June each year to allow us to celebrate our accomplishments and reflect on how we can do better in the future, and that’s exactly what we all need right now.

The question now becomes – what can you do this weekend to really get your productivity going? There are about one million blogs and listicles that will tell you that all you need to do is dress up your workspace and start every morning with a run, and you’ll be good to go. However, while these tips can be helpful, at the end of the day they are just preparing you to be productive. We argue that the best way to actually increase your productivity is to throw yourself headfirst into a new challenge like, for instance, enrolling in one of our online courses!


Now this might seem strange (how could adding more to your plate help you to deal with what’s already on there?), but there is actually a multitude of ways that taking up online education can boost your productivity:

1. Become a Time Management Master

Poor time management is arguably productivity’s arch-nemesis. When you take on the challenge of completing an online course along with the rest of your work, you have no choice but to optimise how you use your time and figure out a routine and system that allows you to motor through your work like a well-oiled machine. Best of all, this is a skill that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

2. Rediscover Your Passion

There is no doubt that this has been an incredibly stressful time, and that many of us have been left fatigued and drained, making heightened productivity seem impossible. Taking up the challenge of learning something new about your field can remind you why you got into it in the first place and reignite your passion for what you do.

3. Develop Your Focus-Shifting Skills

Nowadays, employers are looking for people with a diverse set of skills who can perform a number of jobs that stretch over a wide range of disciplines. Therefore, being able to switch focus easily between different tasks is an essential skill in the modern workplace. Taking an online course will teach you how to clear your mind of the stresses and anxieties of your work tasks, and narrow your focus to the lesson or assignment that you need to attend to that day.

4. Build Team Morale

If you really want to get your motor running, take a course with your colleagues or, better yet, approach your superiors and ask them to cover tuition as an investment in your training (you can read our guide for getting your company to pay here). Not only will this hold you accountable to finishing what you started, but you will be able to discuss what you’ve learned with your peers and grow together as a team, which will help to boost both individual and group productivity.

5. Improve Your Stamina

Often the first thing that we want to do when arriving home from the office is fall face down on the couch, which leaves us with a long list of personal projects and hobbies gathering dust. Taking an online course will encourage you to develop a strategy for recovering energy after a long day so that you can continue to be productive even when you’re off the clock.

It may not be easy, but we promise that it will be worth it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join us and make this World Productivity Day your fresh start.

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