Creating a Market-Leading Learner Experience with MasterStart’s CXO, Alison Smith

Jessamy Amic

Posted: October 28, 2022

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Over the last 2 years, MasterStart has made significant investments to radically transform the experience of learning online. Today we find ourselves in an exciting space with our humanised online courses achieving market-leading learner satisfaction scores and outcomes. Our focus on workplace applicability alongside world-class academic certification is unlocking diverse leadership potential across South Africa and beyond.

Alison Smith, our Chief Experience Officer (CXO), highlights how central the learner experience is to our business strategy.

“At the heart of our success, we have created a unique delivery model that is centred around human connection. We make sure that we facilitate this for every learner, on every course, at every stage of their careers.”

One thing Alison Smith is particularly proud of is that throughout each of our programmes, we have integrated live peer-to-peer learning to enable each learner to apply and contextualise their learning. This creates a safe space for learners to thrive in a community of like-minded peers.

Providing further insight on how we have designed our learner experience, Alison shares that: “MasterStart is intentional in everything we do, mapping out every detail, interaction, click and conversation which is crucial in ensuring MasterStart provides an enjoyable and memorable learning experience. Ultimately, my goal as CXO is to ensure every learner walks away with greater confidence and skills that they can apply practically in their everyday life.”

She continues: “I care deeply about what we do and listen seriously to feedback from our customers and learners. Our MasterStart team is passionate about understanding our customer journey better, finding resolutions to challenges, and bringing solutions that continuously improve and optimise our learner experience. As we do this, we are building a community of lifelong learners, not just providing courses.”

“In my view, our learner experience must always continue to adapt to the needs of our learners,” says Ben Pike (MasterStart CEO). “There is always more we can do to make it better, and make our courses more impactful and applicable to the learners and organisations we serve.”

He continues, “Alison is amazing in her role as CXO at MasterStart because she is relentless when it comes to finding ways to improve the learner experience. The results speak for themselves, with +70 NPS scores each month, reflecting the very high levels of learner satisfaction we are seeing.”

Alison plans to use her experience and expertise to drive our learner experience to new heights, and she is clear on what will underpin her ongoing success. “A positive experience for our learners starts with getting things right for our own team,” she outlines. We work closely with managers across MasterStart to ensure our own employees are supported, valued, and aligned with our mission and company culture. For instance, over the last year, Alison has grown and upskilled our dedicated Learner Success Team, who provide proactive and live support to our learners through every stage of their journey.

Alison concludes, “It is so rewarding to see how much our teams across MasterStart believe in our product and are proud of what they are doing. I believe this will be the real secret to delivering market-leading learner experience as we continue to grow and expand our services.”

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