Debtors Manager: Abigail Bock

Becky Leighton

Posted: November 20, 2018

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Born and raised in Knysna, Abigail stems from an academic background. Her father, now retired, was a school principal. She is the youngest of six kids, once dubbed an introvert, Abigail says: “I was an extreme introvert, but life had its way and a bit of both now, and now I know what I want in life”. Abigail is a mom, and she is setting the record straight, starting with herself and her education.

Abigail is a Debtors Manager at a construction company that specialises in substations, power lines and fibre optics. She says she was inspired when she saw the online short course in Financial Management offered by MasterStart, as she wanted to further her knowledge in the finance industry.

The course had an overall positive impact on Abigail’s daily routine.

One of the biggest benefits of the course was the fact that she could work all day, see her kids and then sit with her studies once everyone at home was happy first. Abigail liked the fact that the online short course was: “User-friendly and the online support was great.” Now that Abigail has completed the course, she says that she was delighted with the fact that the course gave her real time working experience, specifically in cash flow and budgeting.

Abigail has started her path to success with MasterStart. She says she is going to invest in herself even further by obtaining her NQF Level 6 Financial Management diploma.

Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. – William Eardley IV.

No qualification is pure bliss. There are numerous challenges along the way and it helps to be prepared for them.

Abigail’s advice to any participants embarking on this online short course is the following:

“Even though I did not go online every day to go through the course, I suggest you go through modules every day to prevent having to sit 4/5 hours at a time to catch up”.

One of Abigail’s biggest motivations was the fact that she wanted to be a role model for her daughter, to show her what true dedication and hard work is really about. Dying inside to visit New York, Abigail now occupies her spare time with interesting books. She is currently reading the Art of War, further compelling her to tackle life’s challenges, head on.

This was Abigail’s first online learning experience. She remains resolute in her stance to continuously improve upon herself, and she says she will definitely tackle another online course in the future.

financial management short course testimonial

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