Freedom Day – What is it and What Does it Mean for South Africa?

Becky Leighton

Posted: April 27, 2020

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The 27th of April is about celebrating freedom in South Africa. Freedom Day, the commemoration of the first post-apartheid election held 26 years ago, is a day of national pride as citizens look forward to the bright future that contrasts with a difficult past for so many. 

It is with absurd irony that Freedom Day should fall at a time during which the country is under lockdown. In a difficult period for South Africans and the global population, it’s crucial to enjoy the small wins and embrace times of celebration.

Celebrating Online Solutions

With the internet, it is possible for many to maintain daily operations from home. The invaluable technology allows for a freedom we might never have imagined. While we can’t physically move beyond our homes, we can communicate with friends, family and colleagues to keep the community beyond the distance. 

The online space also offers a platform for fields that are technologically reliant to excel. From careers to digital learning, there is an open opportunity to upskill without concern about location. 

Celebrating the Opportunity of Time

There are two camps of people at this time: those who are taking advantage of the time they now have to equip themselves with new skills, knowledge, and resources. 

And those who aren’t.

We have been forced out of our busy schedules to new, remote routines with personal responsibility to fill at our choosing. As we step into the (possible) final week of readjusted lockdown, we have learned lessons about the use of time and how it can be effectively leveraged or ineffectively wasted. 

Celebrating the Chances of Choice

Whether you’ve been in the productive or procrastinatory camp, the way you step out of lockdown will be a new choice to make.

If you’re willing, you can make time count for you by using the opportunities at your fingertips (such as our Online Digital Programmes) as stepping stones to career success you may never have imagined. 

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