How to Secure Your Business in Uncertain Times

Becky Leighton

Posted: May 21, 2020

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“The only unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.”
John F Kennedy

Nothing is certain.

We are well acquainted with this hard truth by now. The impact of the coronavirus has hit us all hard, impressing upon us the urgency of adapting in order to overcome hardship. Everyone from corporate owners to individual consumers has felt the deep shockwave caused by the quarantine, but none have felt it quite as hard as freelancers and small business owners.  

Keeping your head and your feet moving forward is key to surviving the uncertainty. Other tips to make sure you, and your business, come out of this time with safety and security intact include…

Make Sure Your Priorities Are Where They Should Be

First things first, make sure safety around you is the first thing you are thinking about when making any decisions. This means putting all business-related ideas through a safety filter. If you have staff, you likely have precautions in place by now. As the dust settles into the ‘new normal’, stay in touch with them and make sure they are feeling as secure as possible. Panic is not far from the forefront of most people’s minds. Create room for honest, candid communication. 

Get Used to Adaptation

It’s unlikely that things will go back to business as we knew it for a while. Even if the regular rhythms of working ‘in office’ return in a few months, the shockwaves will have surprising ripple effects down the line. The sooner you can add ease of adaptation to your skillset, the better you will set yourself up for survival and success.

Think beyond the panic and uncertainty now, and adapt around the situation with the future in mind. What you do now could set you on an exciting path, without you even knowing it!

Seek a Sound Insurance Strategy

Take care of insurance as soon as possible. With solid insurance in place, you can secure your business to get through the crisis even if you aren’t able to continue operations. Check with your insurance provider and find out whether you can claim for any losses as a result of a business closure.

Consider Your Back-to-Work Approach

While it’s difficult to plan anything when nothing is certain, it is important to remember that the crisis will not last forever. Before things start winding back to ‘normal’, consider how you will approach this. Whether it’s adopting remote work to your regular business operations or it’s back to the office as soon as possible, think about how this will work for you, your staff and your business.

The best bet to make sure your business is set up to head back-to-work (in whichever capacity this might be) is to ensure that they are as well equipped as possible. Consider offering training for staff members through online Digital Programmes.

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