Online Participant, Joris Goudriaan: Construction Project Manager

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Posted: December 3, 2018

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USB-ED project management online short course testimonial.

Joris Goudriaan has seen the world with open eyes from a very young age. Growing up in Italy and thereafter leaving for Belgium at the tender age of 14, Joris has an array of experience in Operations Management. After he finished University in Brussels, Joris started one of the first Web design companies in Belgium, in 1992.

In 1996, he joined a Belgian subsidiary of a U.K company that developed and implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for the fresh produce industry. He has experience with tracking and tracing, logistics as well as company financials.

Joris has been actively involved in all areas of business, “from grower to pack house to harbour by ship to EU warehouse to wholesaler to store”.

Joris moved to South Africa in 2000 and started a local subsidiary for the same company. After the U.K went through the global financial crisis, He decided to stay in South Africa and ended up creating smart programming for apps and open source software algorithms.

Joris adds “I joined a transport brokering company specialising in the logistic service provision to the oil rig repair industry in Cape Town. I left the company when it was merged with a larger transport company. Since then I have been a project manager in the construction industry”.

Joris enrolled in the MasterStart Project Management online short course because: “I wanted to have a well-rounded understanding of Project Management and to fill the gaps in my understanding of Project Management theory”.

The wise man belongs to all countries, for the home of a great soul is the whole world. – Democritus.

Joris is truly a world voyager and has had vast experience in many aspects of various types of businesses. So we asked him to highlight the benefits of studying online, from his personal experience with MasterStart and USB-ED. “The main benefit was the ability to create my own time management schedule, secondly, the ability to do it online instead of at a particular faculty, is the saving in travel time and travel frustration with the increasing traffic congestion around the Cape”.

Joris learnt that even though he has a wealth of experience and knowledge, that he is still a young, hungry student at heart. He continued on to say that he is striving for a a very specific goal after this online short course from MasterStart and USB-ED. Joris wants to obtain a PHD in Project Management at the University of Stellenbosch next year.

This was his first online learning experience and as mentioned before; it was this online course from MasterStart that has inspired him to take the next step towards career growth and success. Joris is going to enrol in USB next year to obtain his formal Project Management qualification.

project management certificate from stellenbosch university

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