MasterStart and GIBS extend partnership to grow online collaborative learning offering for corporates.

Graham du Plessis

Posted: November 28, 2023

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Cape Town, [22 November 2023]: MasterStart, a leading South African edtech company, has renewed its partnership with the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)

This renewed collaboration, which began in 2019, is a testament to the success of the partnership, which has seen over 5,600 learners embark on GIBS online short courses through MasterStart’s online campuses, as well as a diverse portfolio with a mix of leadership and management and functional focused competencies. With development already underway, 2024 will see GIBS full portfolio join Business Management, Operations Management and Leading with Impact, amongst the first group of courses to be released in our humanised online learning model. With a completion rate averaging over 80%, has proven consistently to be a success with our learners.

The MasterStart’s humanised online learning model prioritises learner engagement by fostering impactful interactions between learners and their industry experts.  MasterStart CLO, Dr Alexia Cox adds that “engagement is critical for effective learning, as active participation and collaboration help our learners stay motivated and focused.” Dr Cox goes on to say, “this way our learners are more likely to grasp and retain knowledge when they feel connected and supported.”  

On the renewed collaboration with GIBS, MasterStart COO, Alison Smith adds, “our goal is to ensure that every learner not only has access to world class and industry relevant content but to ensure the practical application of knowledge is embedded into their own personal toolkit so they can easily and directly apply what they’ve learned in their careers.” Alison Smith goes on to state that, “with GIBS we have such a partner, a world-renowned, triple-crown accredited African institution, combining industry-leading content to our local context.”

Howard Fox, Managing Executive, Marketing, Digital and Commercial at GIBS, noted that “Our renewed partnership with MasterStart is centred on the forward-thinking role business can play in a technological and disruptive driven workplace, by enabling those looking to progress in their careers with practical future-fit skills”.

Alison Smith concludes, “with GIBS commitment to not only MasterStart, but our humanised learning model, we can continue to deliver truly exceptional learning experiences, meeting our clients’ present and future needs.”

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