New Year, Better You

Becky Leighton

Posted: January 5, 2020

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(turning your resolutions into revolutions)

It’s that time of the year again – time to set those New Year goals. At this point, though, you know the drill: You set a  goal (let’s say ‘no more carbs), stick to it for about a month (that is if you’re lucky).

Then later, you think back on the year that has gone, attempting to review all you’ve achieved. Few can list numerous achievements, but the vast majority of us can’t. Clearly, goals were set – and failed to emerge from there. More often than not, this is down to neglecting the goals. And that neglect needs to stop and the achievements need to start!

Make this the year you finally achieve it. Keep it realistic and avoid making your goal outlandish. Make it something that will challenge you, but something you can also achieve if you buckle down during the course of the year.


New Year, Better Workspace

One of the most common career-related New Year’s resolutions is learning new work-related skills.  

Learning a new skill is probably the most ideal approaches to take your career to new heights, so it only makes sense for this to be on the top of every professional’s list of resolutions. Be that as it may, how can somebody even begin learning another skill? By making a plan.

We should set both professional and mental goals for ourselves. There are ways you can better your character and in general self. Try to be more giving, more understanding, and so on. These goals are something we should always work toward, yet celebrating the new year is an incredible suggestion to grow and develop as an individual.

So instead live by the mantra, “a new year, a better me.” Don’t say “new me,” or as certain individuals joke, “same me.” We should persistently try to better ourselves, and what an incredible reminder New Year’s is for us to do as such.

Set goals, never settle.

Better yourself this year, and the next, and the one thereafter.

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