Daily Creative Prompts to Rethink Your Work & Life

Becky Leighton

Posted: October 1, 2019

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Think creatively

We’re delivering you batches of daily prompts to help you combat the trenches of monotony. Commit to the easy day-by-day shifts, and you’ll soon find yourself with the motivation, drive, and excitement to overhaul your career.


1 October

Revisit Your Vision

Most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs are able to sketch and effortlessly communicate a message of growth and opportunity for their employees. You can motivate yourself in the same way by taking the time to fill in the details of what you want in your ideal career.

Where are you based? What is your role? Who else is involved? What does it look like on a day-to-day basis? Why does it matter – what enduring impact will you have? Write the answers down, and revisit and revise them regularly. You may be surprised by the power of this exercise to keep you on track. 

To-do today: Make a list of all the aspects of your ideal career, and brainstorm how you can start working towards achieving them right now. 

2 October

Rearrange Your Context

Think of your context – or environment – as a force field with the ability to shape your behaviour. Is your desk an inviting workspace? Do you pack your food for the day so you’re not affected by the close proximity of the vending machine? Are the colleagues you sit with at lunch uplifting company, or a bit of a drag? Recognise the restraining and driving forces in your environment, and rearrange your context accordingly

To-do today: Make one ‘healthy change’ to your daily environment, and remember to stick to it tomorrow.

3 October

Make New Connections

A strong business (and friendship) network can go a long way in helping you succeed. It can be a lonely world when you start venturing out of the unknown and into new possibilities. An easy way to start is to join relevant meet-ups and groups online and make the effort to show up for their in-person events. Research who will be presenting and attending, dress smartly and introduce yourself with confidence. Have your business cards ready and follow up with new contacts afterwards. Business really can be all about who you know.

To-do today: Join a new industry-focused group and build one new connection.

4 October

Refine your Processes

Most businesses are organised chaos; people bring the chaos and the processes bring the organisation. A way to embed your vision and the way you, and your team, want things to work is to create processes, templates, and documentation that ensure the work is executed in a way that upholds standards and increases efficiency. What process can you revisit and refine today? It will no doubt be well worth the initial effort. 

To-do today: Find one system that isn’t structured optimally, and develop a creative way to make it more efficient. 

5 October

Work on a Personal Project

It’s Saturday! The break from office work is always welcome. Team up taking it easy with working on that project you’ve been thinking about for the past few months. Anything from building a bookshelf to picking up your paintbrush requires a little motivation but can yield a great sense of satisfaction. Remember – you don’t need to finish what you start today, but if you never begin, you’ll never complete it.

To-do today: Start or continue a hobby that’s been on your mind for a while.

6 October

Hone Your Skills

Feeling that your industry knowledge or skills are lacking or outdated is a surefire way to dampen your professional courage. One of the best things you can do to catalyse your career is to take proactive steps to upskill yourself. Whether you want to connect with industry experts, learn new skills, refine your knowledge or gain more experience in your field, signing up for an online short course is a convenient, flexible and effective solution to your stagnation. 

To-do today: Browse our online short courses to see if there’s something that could help you catalyse your career! 

Stay tuned in for the next batch of career-changing prompts!

online short courses

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