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Becky Leighton

Posted: April 17, 2020

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Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day!

World Creativity and Innovation Day is the last day of celebration during World Creativity and Innovation Week. It has been celebrated in over 46 countries since 2002. Those in businesses, organisations, institutions of learning, and communities come together to celebrate and generate new ideas for a promising future.

Creativity and innovation are becoming progressively significant for the development of the 21st-century information society. They add to economic success as well as social and individual wellbeing and are fundamental aspects of creating a better you. Education is viewed as a focal point in encouraging creativity and innovative skills.



Creative learning requires innovative teaching. Innovative teaching is both the act of instructing for creativity, and of applying innovation to teaching. The two perspectives require an educational culture that values creativity and considers it to be a benefit in both conventional and online classrooms.

With help from policy-makers and institutions, educators have become key figures in building a creative climate. Curricula and assessments are key territories to be tended to in order to allow for creativity in the workspace. Technologies assume a critical role in the lives of those in the learning space and can empower educational change towards an innovative and creative learning experience.


There are different factors, alongside technology, that help creative learning and innovative teaching. These factors are the support mechanisms that make creativity and innovation more likely to flourish. They are assessments, curriculum, individual skills, teaching and learning format, technology and tools. 

The co-existence of these factors gives rise to an empowering environment where creative learning and innovative teaching blooms. Without these, creativity is less inclined to prosper. With these factors engraved in the structure of our courses, our academic staff and students can effectively participate in the creative and innovative process. 

With courses made to encourage creative and innovative skills, we guarantee a stimulating and forward-thinking experience. Sign up for our online short courses to experience the magic in action! 

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