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Jessamy Amic

Posted: January 28, 2021

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Business management as a career is dedicated to organising, planning and working towards effectively running a business. All tasks in a business management career are aligned with the team and the management of individuals to ensure that systems run smoothly and that people are working efficiently towards the overall holistic success of the business.

An organisation relies on sound management to thrive, no matter the size of the company. From corporate to start-up, if effective business management is evident, there is much more room for success.

What you can do in business management?

A good career in business management is well prepared with a business management degree or by learning the tricks of the trade through an online short course in business management. 

With a business management degree, you can step into the role of the manager in any sector or industry with the right skillset and network. With management as an overall role, rather than an industry, it’s worthwhile considering which field you want to work in before diving in. Having a business management degree is a key component in management but having work experience is equally crucial.

You can get experience in your field in university, working in clubs or taking on extracurricular activity in the field. Alternatively, social clubs in your community and internships are a fantastic way to build your experience in management. Any experience that leads you down a career path will not be wasted, even if it is not necessarily in the field you are wanting to end up in.

Getting a business management career

With a business management degree, you can become a manager in any sector or industry that interests you. Being in a management position means overseeing a team or individuals to ensure tasks are completed. 

To get a career in business management, studying business management is a great first step. If you do not want to commit to a full-term degree and want to keep working or gaining experience while studying, opting for a short course in business management is a fantastic option.

Business management positions

The following careers are professions that a business management degree could lead you towards

  • Business adviser or analyst
  • Business development and systems manager
  • Chartered management accountant and financial expert in a field
  • Corporate banker
  • Data analyst or research scientist managing a team
  • Management consultant or client manager
  • Project and systems manager
  • Risk and financial manager
  • Stockbroker
  • Supply chain management and logistics manager
  • Construction manager heading up the construction team or construction projects
  • Environmental engineer and environmental analyst
  • Human resources officer and human resource manager
  • Distribution manager with logistics oversight
  • Marketing manager and sales director 
  • Mortgage adviser and property expert
  • Sales executive
  • Systems and processes analyst

Is it a valuable degree?

For those looking to step into the world of business and running their own company, having a degree in business management has proven to be a popular option and a good choice in gaining the knowledge you need to excel.

With a business management degree, you gain the right set of skills and knowledge to equip you to succeed in any global career opportunities at which you might look. A degree or short course also helps broaden and hone your understanding of all necessary particulars in business areas, from finance to human resources and from systems to sales. A business degree is crucial in helping set up your business management career as it boasts the following perks:

  • You develop key management skills needed to head up a team effectively.
  • You become more employable as you are trusted to have the knowledge fit for the career.
  • You gain an introduction to the business world before gaining the experience.
  • You can learn to become your own boss.
  • You gain insight into multiple disciplines.`

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