MasterStart and UCT GSB extend partnership to deliver humanised online learning

Graham du Plessis

Posted: October 2, 2023

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Press Release

Cape Town, [02 October 2023]: MasterStart, a leading South African edtech company, has renewed its partnership with the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB). This collaboration further cements their philosophy of offering industry-leading courses with human connection intentionally embedded into the learning experience. Furthermore, their 81% completion rate surpasses industry averages, highlighting the concrete outcomes of their collaborations and methodology.

Incorporating human touchpoints and experiences throughout the learning journey creates a unique digital learning environment that fosters a sense of community and willingness to engage among learners. Dedicated Learner Success Coordinators encourage learners to partake in peer-to-peer interactions, community chats, and high-impact collaborative learning activities. MasterStart’s Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Alexia Cox says: “Online learning can sometimes feel daunting and isolating, but our humanised approach prioritises learner support, ensuring each learner is provided with encouragement, motivation and a sense of belonging.”

MasterStart COO, Alison Smith, says of the extended partnership: “We are extremely excited about our ongoing collaboration. Having shared values is what truly makes a partnership work and we are grateful to have this with UCT GSB. “

As businesses adopt more digital transformation technologies and AI tools, learning requirements are also changing. Putting more emphasis on key ‘human’ traits like leadership, self-growth, wellness, and power skills to enhance workforce adaptability in today’s ambiguous environment.

The renewed partnership will relaunch the Developing Women Leaders course in January 2024, combining personalised learning with industry-expert guidance.

On the positioning of the Developing Women Leaders course UCT GSB Head of Department: Executive Education, Jodie Martin states that “the gender agenda has never been more relevant like it is now, and to create a community of confident and self-aware women leaders, finding a learning partner organisation with similar aims and values is extremely important.”

Jodie Martin says of the partnership, “MasterStart is such an organisation. They are just as passionate about developing women leaders for organisational optimisation, but more importantly, with a focus on personal development and self-growth. The collaboration between UCT GSB and MasterStart is a success story of collaboration, and the seamless and authentic relationship to provide learning interventions to help overcome the challenges women face in the workplace, and the role they can play in creating a work environment that transcends stereotypes and to embrace their brilliance!”

Alison Smith concludes that the renewed focus on our partnership with UCT GSB, “will allow us to deliver on our mission to unlock leadership potential and honour our commitment to our clients by providing the best and most impactful learning experience to each and every one of our learners.”

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