What is a good business analyst career path?

Business analyst career

Not all career paths look the same, but there are generally similar points where the journey begins. The path of a business analyst career is no different. What is a business analyst? Business Analysis – along with systems analysis – refers to all activity related to the set of systems conducted by a business. This […]

What are the stages of a systems development life cycle?

Systems development life cycle: The different stages In business, any systems which are implemented into the operations must go through several processes before they are fully integrated into the company infrastructure. The seven stages of systems development (commonly known as the SDLC) refers to the process of taking a theoretical model of a business system […]

What is the role of a business analyst?

Business analyst role

Making sure a company’s systems are at their peak performance is one of the most important components in business analysis. The business systems analyst (also referred to as a BSA) is responsible for optimising systems and protocols within a company. This means making sure that all systems are improved to run at their maximum efficiency. […]

Everything you need to know about Business and Systems Analysis

Business Systems Analysis

As the name implies, business systems analysis is the surveying and evaluation of different processes and systems in a business. The focus of the work is usually on the automation in the mechanisms of the systems, which means that it is often closely linked with Information Technology (IT) systems. Through analysis of a business’ tools, […]

Meet Business & Systems Analyst Course Facilitator, Professor Pete Janse Van Vuuren

Professor Pete Janse Van Vuuren is an experienced and highly motivated executive level management professional with diverse technical proficiencies and wide-ranging business, financial and academic competencies. He has a total of 30 years’ experience with a key focus on the IT industry. With a wealth of experience across technical, financial and academic verticals, he boasts […]