How to Create an Inspiring Workspace

create an inspiring workplace

While making things look pretty is considered trivial – especially if you have deadlines looming – walking into a cluttered space could have you feeling demotivated before you even get started with work. This is why creating an inspiring workspace, whether it’s on or around your desk, could boost productivity. Here are five ways to […]

Five Reasons Why Upskilling is Crucial to Your Career

Upksilling your career is crucial

As a professional, you are probably faced with shifting systems as different methods to conduct a task or perform an activity are discovered. As technology develops, so do the tools available.  As a result of the dynamic technology, the way your organisation chooses to operate is more varied and is likely more enhanced. The catch […]

10 Science-Backed Habits For A Fresh Start in Your Career

If you’re feeling underwhelmed with your to-do list, whether personal or professional, perhaps it’s time to reboot! This doesn’t mean going on a sabbatical (although if this is what you need, go for it!) but it’s important to take small steps to achieve effective change. What better way than to make use of science-backed steps […]

Eight Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind & Your Career

add a boost to your career

We live in a world where everything seems to fight for your attention. It often seems as though your work, online studies, personal life, and social circle demand you deal with them now.  This often leads to an unfocused, pressurized frame of mind, making it difficult to concentrate fully on a task at hand. Studies […]

10 Tips to Give Your Career A Boost

Career develop

We’ll go the extra mile for friends, drive 30 minutes for our favourite burger, and walk a million miles to find the perfect outfit. But when it comes to our career, doing more than we should seems pointless, right? Wrong.  There are subtle and powerful ways to elevate your chances at work and provide that […]

7 Ways to Make Your CV Shine to Stand Out

make your cv outstanding

Cleaning up a resume and adding in new information can be a process. Any professional who has had to revise their current CV knows that it’s often not just a matter of plugging in the latest experience. Your resume is your first impression for a new recruiter, so it is imperative to make it shine […]

Switching Careers when Life Calls for a U-turn

When it comes to your career, the idea to ‘stick it out’ could not be less advised.  Let’s paint the scene: You completed your degree after four years of gruelling work. Before countless exams, you wondered if this was going to be the right industry for you. But now, you sit at your desk day […]

5 Ways to Revive Your Career

career tips

Maybe you’ve followed the traditional path to get your career started: studied, graduated, and landed a job in the field. You’ve hustled for years; getting promoted and working your way through the ranks. However, you feel ‘stuck’. Suddenly, nothing is exciting about your 9-5. Now, you’re wondering if this is the journey you’re meant to […]