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Negotiation Skills

R 19,999 R 14,999
Starts 25th January

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Course Details

Wield influence and persuasive power

We are all called on to negotiate multiple times daily, in our personal and our professional lives. Regardless of the situation and no matter which level of the organisation you on, your power to influence others and negotiate outcomes is one of the most important skills you can possess for satisfaction, advancement and even success. Even if you have incredible ideas, you need to ‘sell’ them to make them effective.

The Negotiation Skills online programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills for effective negotiation to drive mutually beneficial outcomes. You will come away with increased confidence in your ability to negotiate by playing to your strengths to build trust and long-term relationships, take the lead and shape the outcomes in ways that bring others along willingly.

This programme will particularly be valuable for middle and senior-level managers and employees who:

  • Seek to be more effective in negotiating, convincing or persuading others
  • Require general negotiating, convincing or persuading skills that they can use in multiple life and business applications

What will I learn?

You will come away from this programme with:

  • Self-awareness that empowers you to negotiate with confidence
  • Interpersonal awareness that gives you insight into building trust and developing creative solutions
  • Organisational awareness that empowers you, as negotiator, to enrich and shape your argument in a way that is relevant
  • Negotiation skills that enable you to take the lead, subtly if necessary, and shape the outcomes in ways that bring others along willingly
  • A consciously positive approach to negotiation paving the way for future negotiations
  • A proven negotiation process and tools that specifically drive mutual benefit
  • Insights into the application of these skills in a remote working environment

Is this right for me?

Orientation Module

The Orientation Module introduces you to the GIBS Online campus, onboards you to the programme and initiates your engagement with the GIBS expert faculty and fellow participants. You have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the programme details, how to approach online learning and the kinds of activities you will encounter during the programme.

Module One - Formidable You

Good negotiators know how to read themselves, make the most of their personal strengths and emotions, and build sustainable credibility.

The goal of the module is to give you the confidence necessary to drive more engagements and build better relationships.

Module Two - Human-centred You

In this module we will explore how you can be more effective when you negotiate outcomes if you take a human-centred approach. This means approaching the negotiation with a sincere understanding of your negotiation counterpart. To do this you will need to incorporate the context, feelings, and perspective of your negotiation counterpart into the way you approach and conduct the negotiation.

Module Three - Org-savvy You

In a work context, great negotiators understand the organisational environment that they are negotiating in – the politics, culture, and behaviours impact the outcome of solution-finding and negotiation. Understanding these, empowers negotiators to enrich and shape their approach and argument in a relevant way. 

In this module, we explore the impact that organisational politics, culture, and defensiveness have on negotiating outcomes.

Module Four - Comms-confident You

In this module we delve into processes, tips and insights that are aimed at giving you confidence as a communicator. We will look at effective communication, non-verbal communication, assertiveness and the implications of these for negotiating online.

Module Five - Value-creating You

In this module, we explore the essentials needed to create value in a negotiation, namely trust and ethics, finding and leveraging uncommon ground, and agility. We also look at some implications for online negotiation.

Module Six - Proficient You

In this final module, we will examine each step of the negotiation process and provide you with some practical tips that are aimed at helping you to be proficient as you negotiate your way through your days at work. These are aimed at expanding on what you have learned up to this stage and you will see how it all comes together.


Throughout the programme, you will have opportunities to test your knowledge, practise application, evaluate your understanding, reflect on your insights and track your improvement with both graded and ungraded assessments.

Module assessments include reflective polls and discussions, multiple-choice quizzes, written assignments and case study applications. You will receive feedback and can discuss ways to improve with GIBS faculty and your peers.

Course details

Negotiation Skills

Registrations Close:

24 January 2023

Start Date:

25 January 2023


7 weeks


R 19,999


4 - 6 hours

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