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Risk Management Principles and Practices short course

R 13,999
Starts 25th January

Course Details

Risk is unavoidable. Are you able to identify the risk in your business and outline an intelligent, precautionary action plan? With USB-ED’s Risk Management Principles and Practices short course you’ll discover invaluable tools used to successfully address potential drawbacks in your business, and move forward to apply risk-focused principles.

What will I learn?

  • Define the aims and principles of risk management
  • Administer governance relevant to risk management
  • Engage with different legislation and reporting structures, roles and responsibilities
  • Distinguish processes for formulating risk categories
  • Use different assessment methodologies for continuous improvement
  • Calculate your stakeholder analysis
  • Monitor internal and external contexts
  • Assess your cost benefit analysis
  • Gauge considerations relevant to information systems for risk management

Course breakdown

Week 1 - Introduction to Risk Management  
Week 2 - Standards, Guidelines and Risk Strategy
Week 3 - Risk Management Policy, Risk Classification and Continuous Improvement
Week 4 - Risk Management Framework – Communication and Context
Week 5 - Risk Management Framework – Risk Identification, Assessment and Evaluation
Week 6 - Risk Management Framework – Risk Treatment and Monitoring and Review
Week 7 - Risk Management Processes – Assignment
Week 8 - Risk Reporting and Attributes of Effective Risk Management
Week 9 - Risk Enablers: Change Leadership and Information Management
Week 10 - Risk Enablers: Project Management and Customer Stakeholder Relationship Management
Week 11 - Risk Enablers: Communication and Research and Analysis
Week 12 - Risk Reporting – Assignment

Is this right for me?

This short course is aimed at those pursuing a career in risk management, or who currently occupy positions of leadership where they’re required to coordinate and steer risk strategy in their respective department or everyday duties. Multiple exercises and assignments will expand your risk management skill-set, and online support will ensure consistent progress throughout the short course.

Course details

Risk Management Principles and Practices short course

Registrations Close:

24 January 2022

Start Date:

25 January 2022


12 weeks


R 13,999


6 - 8 hours

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Want to know more?

Course faculty

Vanessa Thurlwell (BA Honours)

Vanessa holds a BA Honours in Environmental Management, with expertise in enterprise and operational risk management, gap analyses against risk frameworks and regulations, reporting and control assessments, business continuity management, environmental risk management, and sustainability risk management. She comes with years of practical experience and technical know-how; and is undoubtedly the ideal mentor for those looking to build on their risk management skills.