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Building Stronger Managers : 5 Key Steps for Effective Support

Managers today have not received the right management training to excel in their roles. Our research provides crucial insights into the challenges faced by managers and highlights the urgent need for improved training and development programmes. With over 100 local managers sharing their experiences, this snapshot of  status quo offers a clear picture of the current landscape and identifies key areas for improvement.

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of managers felt they did not receive sufficient management training

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of our respondents said they’d received no relevant training or only some form of training for the new hybrid working environment.

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of respondents stated they received no training, when they become managers.


Inadequate Training

Our survey revealed that 53% of managers felt they did not receive sufficient training when they first assumed their roles. This lack of preparation has significant implications for organisational performance and employee satisfaction. Ill-equipped managers can lead to decreased productivity, higher staff turnover, and lower morale.

Hybrid environment readiness

Since workplaces have changed in recent years, many employees work in hybrid environments. This presents some challenges for managers in 2024. Through our survey, we found that 39.3% of our respondents said they’d only been somewhat prepared for the new hybrid working environment, 25.6% felt they received no relevant training.

Diversity and inclusion training

In South Africa, we’re faced with deep socio-economic issues and inequality runs rampant across the country. With B-BBEE policies in place to address these inequalities, it’s of utmost importance that managers and leaders alike are well-trained in diversity and inclusion. However, our survey revealed that a worryingly low amount of 38.5% of respondents said they’d received this training. 

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