What skills do you need for Operations Management?

Imagine this: You’re about to head into an important meeting with the company executives. You have been with the company for enough time to know that these meetings cannot be taken lightly. Your boss starts speaking. He starts with a joke. People laugh. He continues: “You know, there are certain people in a company who […]

Managing operations in small businesses: 5 essential techniques to learn today

Big businesses don’t struggle in the same way when it comes to certain operations, as sometimes small businesses do. This is because you’ll often find big businesses have various departments with many skilled individuals who have extensive experience in managing specific business functions. The role of operations management within a big business, for example; is […]

Simple operational tweaks you can make today to boost efficiency

While the role of operations management covers a vast range of functions and responsibilities necessary to effectively streamline business processes; one important function involves that of identifying areas of weakness within operational processes and seeking out solutions to improve efficiency. Through making simple operational changes or ‘tweaks’, it’s possible to boost efficiency enough to drastically […]