Lodewyk Petrus Combrink – ZF

The various strategies for project planning and detecting risks and benefits are very useful. It’s difficult to explain, but it offered me insight into what I’ve encountered at work and how that relates to having the literature out there. It was interesting to notice the connection. I’ve been doing what I do for three years, […]

Cassim Jooma – ABSA Group

For me, it was commitment, timing, and more of the soft skill stuff that I got from the course. How to deal with people, groups, and colleagues. Getting those assignments done and making sure you covered everything that you needed to cover. Sometimes you don’t have to answer a question as thoroughly as you initially […]

Claudia Nicole Hans

The course has helped me with reflection, journaling & imposter syndrome – reminding myself about what is good and what works. Questioning the norm. There was a specific text video that stood out to me about being a wrongologist and challenging the perceptions of the normal. Challenging my people to think that anything can be […]

Thabisile Dumasi – Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site and Dinokeng Project

It has helped me a lot because I have just moved into a new position. Someone resigned, and we didn’t have any capacity within our unit. The entire course helped me gain knowledge of the whole risk management environment. The most useful skill was identifying risk in an organisation, and I am currently applying that […]

Charles Peacock – iOCO Solutions

I am in the sales delivery management space so I oversee a lot of projects and this course came in handy with helping me understand the project side of the business and what the programme manager does, the resources on the project, the project plan/scope, etc. I have a good understanding now of how it […]

Terrence Berry – Prommac

While completing the course, I looked for something to implement in my team and I came across a simple yet effective strategic tool referred to as Think Strategy Plan, Align Deliver Strategy. I based my final assignment on it, and have implemented it in my team and we still utilise it