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About MasterStart

MasterStart is the collaborative online partner of leading executive and business education providers, including, UCT GSB, WBS, Coventry and GIBS. Through these partnerships, we offer world-class online education and support the mandates of these institutions to provide transformational learning experiences for future-ready leaders and give rise to positive change across the globe through a humanised digital experience.

The MasterStart Mandate

MasterStart’s core focus is to offer a uniquely supportive approach to the online learning space. In a space where content has become impersonal, MasterStart’s mandate is to place human connection at the heart of everything it does
ben pike

“Our job is not to just educate people, or tell them how to do things. Our role is to make connections and empower people to go beyond simply acquiring new skills. To create the opportunity for people to learn from each other as well as leading industry and academic experts and begin learning discussions that last for years to come.”

– Ben Pike, MasterStart CEO

At the heart of MasterStart


All online courses are designed for professionals who want access to relevant resources through an adaptable online course design.


The course material translates theory into action and gives you a toolkit to apply in your working world.


Your course coordinators will support and nurture your progress throughout the course.


With human connection at the heart of everything we do, the courses go far beyond information and knowledge-gaining.

World-class certifications

We offer certified online short courses that are developed in partnership with leading business schools, universities and industry experts.

At MasterStart...

We are PASSIONATE about what we do, FLEXIBLE in our approach, GENUINE in our actions and are committed to THRIVING together!


Passion is at the heart of our company. We care deeply and are continuously innovating, and improving.


We embrace change - we see opportunities, not problems. We like to think big, and we practice agility, adventure, creativity, innovation and open-mindedness. You won’t find “impossible” in our vocabulary.


We do right by you and genuinely believe that education can change the world.


Teamwork makes the dream work. We learn, share, support, succeed and have fun together.